Anyone else feel they are OBSESSING?
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    I was like that up until we went on vacation earlier this month. I was weighing myself 3-4 times a day/counting calories of every frickin thing I ate/walking 2-4 miles a day/doing 200-500 crunches a day. On vacation I didn't worry about what I ate, we walked every day casually(at least 4 miles), and just relaxed. Since then I haven't counted anything, have upped my tea intake, only weigh maybe every other day now and haven't been killing myself exercising everyday...and I've lost 9lbs in the last month. I'm tired of living my life worrying about my weight and once I stopped the craziness...the weight has started coming off.

    I still buy chips/ice cream/etc. and just bought a choc. silk pie, but we all eat it in smaller portions. All the craziness for me was a mind game. I've just told myself that the weight will come off whether I kill myself doing all the diet bs or if I enjoy my life. Before, I would have had the choc. pie half eaten by now, but now, I haven't even opened the box.

    Don't be too hard on yourself about any of bs we have to go through to lose weight. Hang in there!!

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    I weigh myself once in the morning. That's when I am my lightest. I don't want to see how it changes through the day. I know I am only going to get heavier as the day goes on. As far as the kids. Allow them to have some snacks but have a chest or such put up somewhere that you do not know about and is OUT OF YOUR VIEW. Sivad I do not believe in will power if it is there you will eat it or it will torment you. My husband keeps his snacks out of sight and he eats them when I am out or sleep, he works 3rd shift. As far as meals they eat what I cook, which is healthy. I have been able to make low cal/low fat taste good so I don't get many complaints. If kids are older enough explain what you are trying to do get them on the team. CRY IF YOU HAVE TO!!!! Children should learn that family is a team and some times the children have to support parents. KEEP YOUR HEAD UP!!!! YOU WILL BE FINE.

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    Default Guilty as Charged

    Hi Ladies,
    Guilty here too I can't seem to help myself... as for the food in the house, My hubby and I threw out all the junk, my 4yr old loves cookies and snacks so we got him the Kashi cookies with raisins... he doesn't really know the difference too much, he's just happy to get what he thinks is a cookie. I've been trying to teach him what healthy is, he has been asking for water instead of soda cause he says " It will make me big an strong, right Mom?" So I'm thrilled about that. I was a little worried about him cause he was in the 95th % for his weight and I could see a little belly over this shorts, since we knocked out the bad snacks at night it has gone away in about two months. I just don't want him to be overweight, cause kids can be mean. Anyway, sorry for the OT... Anyway, I must say that I weight myself at least twice a day... I'm also counting calories like a nut.... I still need to drink more water.... At least I'm not the only one with this little Obsession

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    I can't really say much because I am guilty of weighing myself a MILLION times a day. I weigh as soon as I wake up, before going to the restroom and after, before exercise and after, after eating, before bed and just about any other time I happen to pass by the scales. I think to some extent this is normal. I think it has been helping me to learn what my normal weight fluxuations are. I think it's ok to weigh yourself a lot as long as you're not allowing it to bog you down.

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    I totally understand. I know I am obsessed and even at dr told me not to weigh at home, but I can't. I weigh every morning. I know my kids must be tired of hearing about healthy foods. I have changed all that is in house, but my kids will always ask if certain things are red light, green light or yellow light food. I am trying to reteach myself too that all food can be had in moderation. (I have an 8yr old that has my weight issues already) and 9 yr old average and 4 yr old on small side)
    sorry didn't mean to start rambling on here

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raquel View Post
    Do you find any comfort in "this too shall pass?" it will. Hope you got some rest.
    Yes, it will! After seeing the scale go UP 9lbs, I was exactly where you are. LET IT GO! You cannont erase the past. Today is a new day. Embrace it. Give it all you've got.
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    Do you find any comfort in "this too shall pass?" it will. Hope you got some rest.
    Hi, I'm Roc & I'm on the weight loss rollercoaster as well as a 42 yr. old - mother of 3 year old twins. An entirely different rollercoaster
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    I think after gaining you are scared, and that normal! But you really shouldn't be getting on the scale so often, try only one time a day. You know your weight will change throughout the day and even throughout the week. Far as the kids go, I have 2 myself (11, 8) . I don't have as much junk food in the house. I buy 1 pack of cookies and a gallon of ice cream and that's it. And the flavors I buy are for the kids, they are not my favorates so it is easier to give to them and not myself. And let's face kids don't want to eat healthy, but I also don't want them to end up like me, so I am trying to cahnge their habits. Luckily they are both trim and active, so I am determined to keep them that way. Good luck! Hope you got some sleep!!!

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    Default Anyone else feel they are OBSESSING?

    For the past week or so I feel as though I'm obsessing over this whole weight loss endevor. I get on my scale 20 times a day. Every single time I have to pee I have to weigh myself. I think maybe it's the fact that I GAINED 5LBS over a weeks time from my sodium intake. I am pushing my kids to eat healthier. They don't really wanna. They want chips and cookies and pop, all the normal stuff kids ask for but NOOOO they can't have it because I'm so obsessed with healthy stuff.

    Anyone else feel this way???

    I'm gona go try to sleep now lol looks like no one else is online and I'm bored, posting like a mad woman.
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