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    It's not about weight, it's about health. If you're supposed to be a certain weight and have a certain BMI at your height, for your GOOD health that is what it should be. I have a friend who moved out of state for 6 months and came back. She looked completely different, yet her weight stayed the same. She had been eating right and working out. Doesn't matter if you're skinny or heavy, both can be unhealthy.

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    That would be cool

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    my african friends tell me that over there, the men looooooooooooooooooove a big woman lol.
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    The proof is in the pics!!! <3

    Starting over again!!!!

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    my late grandpa (who lived through the depression and both world wars and fought in one) had old playboy magazines that had waaaaay better looking women in them than any of the rails you see glorified in the media nowadays!! I say they look better with the extra 10lbs the camera adds

    I say voluptuous is the way to be and they way it outta still be!! i know I'm keeping my curves
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    Aaahh.. waaaaayyyy back in the day it was sexy.......it would be nice!
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    Default Fat Country?

    Wouldn't it be great if there were someplace where large people were idolized and skinny people were considered the unhealthy ones?
    Where when you went to Dr and weighed in at like 250, and the Dr says something like "Uh, Ms/Mr _____, we are going to start you on a 3000 calorie diet to try to increase your fat mass. According to my chart your about 75 lbs underweight" LMAO!

    Wouldn't that be great? Okay moment over

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