Don't you hate when.....
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    Highest Non-Pregnancy related weight 03/08: 279
    1st Weigh-in 6/18: 262
    2nd Weigh-in 7/15: 249
    7/25: 244
    Regained all weight plus some
    01/05 265
    01/10 255

    1st Mini goal: 2/05 235
    2nd mini goal: 03/05 225
    Ultimate goal : 210-215 by 05/15 Grad School Graduation!!!!

    Goals subject to change based on how I look and feel as I lose weight.

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    Ohhhh I can completely sympathize with the clanking of that sliding bar. I'm rarely sick and even more rare go to a doctor except for my gyn check up. So that was only time I had to face the beast.

    I didn't even have a family doctor for over over 8 years .. but had to break down and get one a couple years ago - and I love him - even though he wouldn't give me phen. lol

    Like you I have a hiatal hernia - about 2x's a year now I have to go get my esophagus stretched (out patient surgery) due to all the acid reflux I had over the years and didn't do anything about .. so the damage is done.

    Also - like you, I can work myself into a tizzy about my boys - I have to have so very much planned for the care in the event of our deaths. When we had the boys, our lawyer still needed our signatures to finalize some of the things we had for the boys trust and our wills. So in the eyes of the law, it was not a binding contract - therefore, I would not even ride with my husband (in same car) for fear something would happen to both of us, before we could get to the attys office and sign the changes.
    I don't think I ever had an official panic attack - but worrying about who would battle my childrens godparents for their gaurdianship could send me over the edge ... many hours of lost sleep.

    I think I can relate to you - once again.
    Hi, I'm Roc & I'm on the weight loss rollercoaster as well as a 42 yr. old - mother of 3 year old twins. An entirely different rollercoaster
    1/9/08 228
    1/19 210
    2/09 215
    2/12 210
    3/11 206
    3/21 200
    4/13 199
    5/18 198
    6/6 201
    7/10 210
    7/21 199
    8/26 199

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    Congrats on your success! And I totally know what you mean about that BIG bar moving to the right, UGH! And our children are such a great motivation...even if sometimes they make us wanna eat the whole pizza!

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    Default Don't you hate when.....

    In the past several years as I went to the doctor and stepped on the scale, not a digital but the ones with the weights, the BIG block moved to the right more and more. First 1 click.....then a little time passes by and another click.

    I can remember being in my late teens to early 20's and the big block moving to the 200lb mark. My eyes were as big as dinner plates and I remember thinking OH MY GOD I NEED TO LOSE SOME WEIGHT!!!! I did try but didn't succeed. That block is haunting to say the least. Each time I went to the doctor after that I would get on the scale and HOPE it didn't move again. It did......It moved to the 250lb spot. That is where it stopped, well the big one anyway. After another 25 pounds I made the decision to really buckle down and get serious about my health. I had my daughter and ever since she was born I have had anxiety and panic attacks. Also I got diagnosed with a hiatal hernia which was causing me to have chest pain when I laid down at night. This was making me think something was wrong with my heart. I went to my doctor and she did EKG after EKG on me just to ease my mind. They were all NORMAL of course. I lay in bed at night thinking about what would happen to my kids if something were to happen to me. I would think and dwell on this and of course it would put me right into a panic attack. I would have to get out of bed and just sit and try to calm myself down. Sometimes it work and other times it didn't and I would be in this stooper all night. Since I started Phen and doing my diet plan and losing weight I haven't had an attack. That's not saying I won't but I have had it under control. I feel like I'm making a change for the BETTER and myself as well as my kids can live longer happier lives.

    Well this my rant for the day lol. Hope I didn't bore anybody. As I get to know you all more I feel like I can talk about more with you. AND THE BIG WEIGHT ON THE SCALE IS MOVING TO THE LEFT NOW!!!!!!
    07/21/10 - 247 lbs
    06-14-2010 - 256Lbs
    1st doc visit 06-17-10: 253
    MiniGoal: By August 21, 12 more pounds
    1 month goal: 235 by August 21

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