What happens when you stop??
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    Great question, I was thinking of asking the same thing!
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    Thanks for the advise! I have changed alot of thinking. I am moving more and eating less. I like to try the idea of taking a day off a week. I'm just nervous to gain it back, I feel so good with the weight off.

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    Hey DanceMom,

    We've seen lots of people on here get below their goal weight and keep it off. But it's about more than just not eating while on phen. The more you do while on phen to get used to good eating habits the easier the transition will be when you're off of it!

    Also, someone on here (I think band mama?) mentioned that at least once a day she's letting herself be hungry. So she can train herself to not have to eat the second she's hungry. I really liked this idea and I'm trying to incorporate it into my daily routine as well.

    You can continue to keep your metabolism boosted by eating smaller portions throughout the day and keeping up with the exercise. Phen isn't a magic pill as wealways say on here! You are just as responsible if not more responsible than the phen for your weight loss. As long as you continue to make good decisions when you stop with the pill you should be just fine!
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    Question What happens when you stop??

    I'e been on Phentermine (Adipex)for 3 months and lost 33 lbs. I feel great and have 19 more to go. What happens when you stop taking this med? Will I be hungry again or have I retrained myself? Also, will my metabolism slow down? Has anyone stopped taking it and been ok???

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