WW Frozen Desserts
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    I swear by the Skinny Cow brand ice cream sandwiches. When I was on Weight Watchers and keeping track of points they were only 2 points (same as the WW ice cream sandwiches) and you can get variety packs with vanilla, chocolate, and cookies and cream ice cream. They are so good!

    You have to treat yourself every now and then!

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    I do the same thing, except I eat the Slim-a-Bear Klondike bars. They are really good and they're only 100 calories each or 2 WW points.

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    food can't tell time.

    Enjoy your treat.
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    Thx shess and cash I was hoping i wsnt sabotaging myself I do remember I went to one weight doc a yr ago and the nurse sd she didnt believe in not eating after 7 and ur body havin no food till the next morning. So that does make since. Shess I will chk out that stations link. ThX ladies.

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    I do that. I am addicted to teh weight watchers fudge bars. They are 110 caloires or 120 (cant remember) per serving. These things are huge. So I eat one of these almost every night. Like Shess said, I dont think it makes any sence to eat every few hours, then after dinner starve yourself, plus go all night with out eating. I figure this, me sitting there eating a weight watchers fudge bar, is better then sittin there with a bag of cookies. LOL

    I always make sure I leave enough calories, so I can have this, which typically is not hard since, I cant seem to ever get up to my calories. lol.

    If you cant enjoy some of the things you like, then this will never work for you. Just remmeber that. You have changed what you eat at night to something better, so why should you have to change everything?
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    It should be fine just as long as the calories from the ice cream are in your daily allowance of calories. I know how some people say not to eat after a certain time but I don't think that is logical. Especially if you are eating just about every 3 hours during the day why would you want to go into starvation mode while sleeping?

    A very popular personal trainer (Jillian Michaels from The Biggest Loser) does a talk radio show in my neck of the woods on KFI AM640. You can go into the archives of her show and listen to it. She can explain it a heck of a lot better than I can.

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    Smile WW Frozen Desserts

    I have been treating myself to a WW frozen peanut butter sundae ice cream dessert at night, is this okay? After a healthy dinner it really curbs my sweet tooth and appetite. Its 170cal and 5 or 7 grams of fat. Am I ok eatn these nightly? This IS my only snack at night.

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