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    I know I need to stay away from the fast food I feel bad for eating it

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    Personally I would stay away from fast food so much. You had it twice this week. Fast food is really bad....have you ever seen SuperSize Me???? You really should rent it and watch it if you haven't. Are you eating white or wheat bread with your tuna??? Wheat bread is better. Are the 2 sloppy joes at one sitting??? and did you use white bread when you ate them??? Looks pretty good though. You should sneak in a snack between meals to keep your metabolism going.

    This is my meals for this week.
    Sunday....blueberry bagle with low fat cream cheese....snack yogurt....leftover hamburger helper and peas with potatos 1 cup each.....snack apple......pork chop in george forman grill, green beans, stewed carrots.....4 bottles water and 1 diet green tea

    Monday......1 piece of wheat toast 2 sausage patties 2 pieces turkey bacon.....snack apple......2 slices lunch meat turkey rolled up with 2 slices cheese......snack grapes......2 hot dogs NO BUN and 3 dill pickle spear....2 bottles water and 2 diet pepse

    Tuesday.....Sam's Choice cereal bar.....snack Dole fruit cup......2 slices lunch meat Ham rolled up with 2 slices cheese.....snack apple......spaghetti with parmasian cheese.....3 bottles water and 2 diet mountain dew

    Wed.....low fat granola bar.....snack yogurt.....2 hotdogs NO BUNS and 2 dill pickle spears....snack grapes.....2 chicken patties NO BREAD and some cucumber and had an apple before bed....BAD RITA

    Thur.....Low fat granola bar.......snack wheat crackers.....EDIT! changed my mind for my lunch....had steamed carrots, broccoli and cabbage with Mrs. Dash and parmasian cheese and water

    I'm a stay at home mom and it's easy for me not to eat fast food. If you work and are on the go I can understand you eating fast food....it's fast and convenient.
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    Default What I Ate

    I'll tell you guys what I ate this whole week

    Sunday- Bowl of watermellon,4 fiber bars,2 tuna sandwitches that mayo & pickles on them
    Monday-2 Fiber Bowl of watermellon,few carrots,some fish sticks(not fried)
    Tuesday-2 fiber bars,few carrots,2 sloppy joes with ketchup on them
    Wednesday-2 cheese sticks,a few carrots,1 large frie from Mcdonalds,sitr fry
    Thrusday- 1 Sunrise Crossiant with chesse & egg(without baccon) from Hardees,3 little pieces of hamburger

    How did I do?

    What did everyone else eat this week?

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