I need a cigarette
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    blah smoking is nasty I can't be around it because of my breathing problems & of course I can't smoke & I wouldn't want to.Smoking causes to many health problems I think thats how I got breathing problems my mom used to always smoke
    Please stop smoking

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    Default I need a cigarette

    I need a cig, hello everyone who decided to stop by and read. I often read peoples blog of their day and progress and rants and raves and sometimes you may see I leave comments or join challenges. haven't really left a mark yet so here I go on my progress and other fun items of my life.

    So I have been on the Phenpro but my doc just prescribed Phendetrzmaisdh??? 35mg. I really like the Phen pro but I have noticed I am hungry today and I haven't had much of an appetite in awhile.

    My car is in the shop and so I am home today, I feel bad because I miss alot of work and I really like this company and the people are awesome and its hard to find a good place to work nowadays, I could care less about money as long as the place is nice and peeple are cool and chill and not Anal and petty like the last place I worked. I think the people there like me we get along well and I get compliments on my work.

    Oh and my doc gave me a 30 day supply of Ali I told him I don't want to crap my pants

    This is a little personal but I think getting it out will feel better some how. Someone very close to me has a drug problem and is slowly deteriorating and it scares me to death.

    I started smoking again on the Phen... my boyfriend is so pissed, he is always nagging me to death... I love him tho, he's my cuddly bear and my best friend in the whole world, I'd marry him if he wasn;t so damn annoying.

    I told my friend she could move in, last night she came over and we got wasted and although it was funny as **** because so much craziness was happening I had to work the next day and its ruining my diet that I worked so hard to maintain. If this is what the future is going to hold then..... d_a_m_n_!

    I really need a ciggarette

    I really need a ciggarette.

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