diabetic/glucose intolerance diet
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    In August of last year, my blood sugar levels were a little high. Not high enough to be diabetic, but high all the same. I had my blood drawn again the beginning of May (or somewhere around there) and my blood sugar level is now a tad low.
    The difference between then and now? Whole grains instead of refined, more veggies, and losing 69 pounds. I didn't eat much sugar last August and I don't eat much now, so I know that wasn't the issue. People always confuse sugar consumption with diabetes, but it's much more than that.
    I feel if you focus on learning how to eat healthy foods in healthy amounts while tossing in some exercise you will lose weight and you will no longer be glucose intolerant.

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    Hi Let me try to recall what I learned as a Nursing Student.


    1. Being glucose intolerant means that your body has trouble utilizing glucose as energy. Therefore, you body will seek protein and fats to be broken down as energy. This is bad. Because that means you still have EXCESSIVE glucose cirulating in your body, this raises your blood sugar levels (a term called hyperglycemia) and can be very dangerous even life threatening at its worst. When fat is being utilized as energy, this raises your lipid (cholesterol) levels and can accelerate the process of atherosclerosis (when your blood vessels are clogged w/ fat and nasty stuff, that impedes blood flow, which could lead to heart attacks, strokes..etc.)

    2. Because you are glucose intolerant, you are "pre-diabetic" meaning, if you do not change your lifestyle, you will eventually develop diabetes in the comming years. Diabetes is usually a slow progression, and doesn't happen over night. So that means you can reverse this, or if not, you can PROLONG the onset of diabetes.

    3. Diet and exercise are KEY. That is the first level of prevention. Avoid simple sugars. such as anything with igrediants like fructose/galactose/surracros..etc. NO white breads, avoid white rice, and white pasta. These are broken down in your body REAL fast, and offer no real nutritional value, you also become hungrier after consuming these.

    4. Opt for complex carbs. Whole grains, whole wheat. Whole wheat pasta, oatmeal (but beware of instant oatmeal as they contain WAY too much sugar sometimes), brown rice. Try to eat less sugary stuff. Eat a lot of things that are high in fiber.

    5. Exercise, exercise , exercise.

    6. Diet and exercise should be good enough to lower your glucose levels by facilitating the utilization of glucose by your body. But if this for some WEIRD reason does not work, doctors usually prescribe a medication called metformin, also known as Glucophage. This medication for some people also aids them in weight loss. So, its got good perks all around

    I hope this helps, if you need clarification let me know! Sorry its so long. This is actually a good diet for you too, especially on your journey to weight loss. Oh and I know that the South Beach Diet is pretty good to follow for diabetic people. You can look up foods that are LOW in the GLYCEMIC INDEX online as well. Good luck!!

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    Hi im not gluose intolerant but I have a friend who is. She is on a diet from a book she found at Barnes and Noble book store. Im not sure exactly what the book is called but its for that and I know it has helped her alot. She was half asleep all day and now that she has changed her diet she feels alot better. I know she eats alot of protein and good carbs. It has really made a differnce for her. If I can get ahold of my friend I will pm you the book info. My dad was diagnosed with diabetes a few months back and I know he eats alot of protein good carbs. They have alot of info on line under the American Diabetes website. They alos have info on there for pre-diabetes maybe that would help. Hope this helps some. Good luck to you

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    I'm tired somtimes after I eat also.Some food I think can make you tired. like if you eat alot or overeat. Eating at buffets have always made me tired after eating at them.I dont think that im diabetic or glucose intolerant.
    Overweight(Obese) can increase your chances of getting diabetes.I have gotten my blood work done at the doctor's office so I dont think that I have diabetes.Eating better would probably help. I dont think that I have been eating right :*(

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    Default diabetic/glucose intolerance diet

    My dr just told me I was glucose intolerant. Although I really don't understand it I believe something like prediabetic (diabeties runs in my family)..

    Are any of you diabetic or glucose intolerant? What type of things do you eat on your diet? Does eating right make you feel better....I'm very tired all of the time especially after I eat. Not sure if that's related.

    Any info would be appreciated. I need to get more info from my dr when I go back...but not sure when that is.


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