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    humm... well keep us updated on how it works for you

    2/10/08 - 3/08/08** -19 (Month 1 on Phen)
    3/15/08 - 4/05/08** -31 (Month 2 on Phen)
    4/12/08 - 5/03/08** -35 (Month 3 on Phen)
    5/10/08 - 5/31/08** -45 (Month 4 on Phen)
    6/07/08 - 6/28/08** -49 (Month 5 NO Phen)
    7/12/08- 7/26/08 ** -58 (Month 6 on Phen)

    month 5 results
    1st mini goal=215 met
    2nd mini goal=200 met
    3rd mini goal=185 met
    4th mini goal= 170

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    I had to look it up then find a pic of the bottle to remember it. It's not widely used cause phen is more popular, but basically does the same thing. Same side effects listing...used for weight loss...taken once daily 30-60 min. before breakfast. You probably knew all that though. When I worked in the pharmacy, we didn't fill scripts for this very often, maybe once every other week.

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    no i never heard of it. but good luck

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    Question OT... Quick Question Long Post

    I went to a new doctor this morning only because i couldn't stand the nurses at the weight loss clinic i was going too and to Phen had stopped working for me like back in May and i couldn't loose anything past 199 and it was generally makeing me mad as all get out any ways, this new doctor pulled me off of Phentermine and told me that my relationship with the Phen was over and he wanted me to try this other diet medicine out it called Brand Name : TENUATE Generic name is : DIETHYLPROPION has any one heard of this medicine? I googled it and it said that there are the general side effects with it and the only thing major that would cause you to have major side effects was if you had high blood pressure that it could cause problems with your heart, well i don't have high blood pressure until i get mad but anyways has any one heard of this and if so can you tell me about it please?
    He also put me on INDAPAMIDE which is a fluid pill. my hands and feet have swollen so bad its not funny and in a way i know why but still its so annoying when they do this. But any help with this I would be ever so grateful!

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