Treadmill calories - not enough/okay?
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    Thanks all. Thin4good: The treadmill requires input of age and weight, and does measure the heart rate. Losingformywedding: the treadmill I use doesn't go by percentages incline wise. There are levels 1-20. I've been doing level 9 and 10. And it seems when I try to do 20 minutes on this, 20 on that, I don't burn as many calories, I get tired more quickly and I don't lose weight for some reason. That's why I switched things up to do one or two things during workouts (except for my weights/cardio days).
    I don't know why, but the elliptical kicks my arse seriously. After 10 minutes on it I feel like I'm about ready to fall out. I need to work up my time on the elliptical.
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    I think based on your weight 429 is super. If you want more try it on a higher incline, if you already don't do this, or with weighted vest or ankle weights etc. The treadmill on the incline burns as much or more than an elliptical. I do 15.0 and its hell and when I do the incline consistently the weight melts off. If I did 50 minutes on an incline of 15.0 going between 2.9 and 3.9 I would burn almost 1000 calories. A trainer at the gym told me if you put in your proper weight allow for a 10% error either way. Keep up the good work!!!

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    you workout is fine... 429 in 50 minutes great but if you want to bump it up to get the max caloric burn AND cardio walk at 3.4-3.7 on a 7% incline, that will boost your calorie burn!!!! and if i were you i'd try to mix it up maybe 20 minutes tredmill, 20 elliptical, 20 stair climber, when you engage all the muscle groups in different cardio workouts it burns ALOT more calories... but over all you should pat yourself on the back for exercising!!! i mean its hard enough staying committed to that lol

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    Honestly, if the treadmill doesn't take your weight and your heart rate, it's a really random number you get from the machine. I've had a treadmill tell me I burned 240 calories and had my own heart rate monitor tell me I was burning 410. That's why I'm a big advocate of a heart rate monitor. You can get them for as cheap as like $30 now.

    429 in 50 minutes is about 8 calories a minute. That's a pretty decent rate. I know on the elliptical I've been up to around 12-13 calories a minute at least for 20 minutes.

    Personally, I think working out and getting your heart rate up for 50 minutes is something to be proud of. Period. So don't let others get you down. If your aunt is dogging on you, tell her next time to join you
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    That is good for the treadmill, I stopped doing treadmill a long time ago because it did not burn enough calories. I do the elliptical machines for an hour and I burn about 650-700 calories depending on my resistance and cross ramp.
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    That seems really good to me. I usually get lower than that and sounds like the same stuff I do. Maybe my treadmill isn't accurate. Burning 429 calories is nothing to sneeze at.

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    Default Treadmill calories - not enough/okay?

    I was so happy this morning when I left the gym because I burned 429 calories on the treadmill (according to the machine - i know they're not really accurate but I use it to make sure I'm doing at least what I've been doing previously). During conversation with my aunt I told her. She says that's really low and I must have been walking really slow. Huh?

    I did a 50 minute random program - varying speeds between 2.5, 3.0 or 3.2 (mostly 3.0) with an incline anywhere from 3.5 to 10. I thought I did well. Is 429 low for the treadmill?
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