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    THANK YOU! that helps alot.

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    It's hard to say without "seeing" the document, but when people talk, I type it like this:

    STEINHARDT: The police should have done what they actually did with this arrest. And I'm assuming this man is innocent, he's entitled to his day in court. But they had evidence that they presented to a court, they got a warrant, they did the tests, they say they got a match. That's the proper way to do these things.

    COOPER: Paul, you oppose giving samples back. Why? PAUL ROSENZWEIG, THE HERITAGE FDN. CTR. FOR LEGAL & JUDICIAL STUDIES: Well, first of all, let's go back to the idea of consent. It's a fiction to say it's not consent because the police tell you truthfully what is going to happen as a result of refusal. The law has been that since the 1960s. The Supreme Court case called Schnecloft (ph) v. Bustamante (ph) says that consent is voluntary in that sort of situation.

    So part of the reason for not giving it back or at least thinking about not giving it back is the nature of the consent that went into the first instance...

    COOPER: But with these people who are suing, this gentleman in particular, but a lot of people out who had their samples taken, are saying is why should the police if -- you know (UNINTELLIGIBLE) they haven't done anything, the police allegedly have the suspect in custody -- why shouldn't I get my sample back? Why not?

    ROSENZWEIG: Well we've never had any provisions for that in the law. We have -- we can build those in. We can change the laws now to understand what DNA is about. And it's true that the law hasn't caught up with the reality of the situation as it is.

    I just found the above on the internet as a sample, but that's the closest I can get to showing you. Good luck!

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    Default OFF TOPIC: transcription

    Hi some of you may already know I started this part time job assisting in a research project for people with MS. Totally love my job but very different from what I was doing before.....(laboratory, public relations)..anyway....what I need to know is if anyone here did transcription off of a dictaphone machine (I always giggle in my head when I say ****taphone...LOL..I'm so immature)..Okay so should I type this thing in double space so it can be edited easier? When someone speaks should I put their comment in quotations and then write their name after it so we know who said what? My boss is leaving this all up to me, since this is kind of new to her too....these are transcripts from a support group so its all different people speaking...........

    thanks for the help if any......

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