Well, isn't this jus perfect....
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    Yeah, I've done that. I usually skip taking the phen every other weekend. I've only been on it for a little over a month, but I find that on my first day back on it I'm back to not having much of an appetite again. My doctor even suggested this. He said this allows it to leave your system for a while so your body doesn't adapt to the drug.

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    I usually have to stop phen for a few weeks to a month before taking it again and not feeling hungry like in the beginning, but even THEN I still get my hunger. Phen doesn't take away your hunger completely..that is why it is important to eat well and exercise while taking it, because its so easy to depend on the phen to do all the work. I learned the hard way that it doesn't work like that....darnit.

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    Unhappy Well, isn't this jus perfect....

    So, that was fast and all not wanting food....I've been on Phen since last Friday and the thought of food was the furthest from my mind but since Monday I haven't had an appetite but food is starting to look good again.....Damn it!!!!
    So, what I have read is that if you take phen for 5 days then stop for 2 days and so on and so forth, that the Phen basically restarts and gives that no food feeling again. Has anyone heard of doing this????....I found it on a page talking about "Studies" being done with Phen.....I LOVED not wanting food....now that it looks better I am more prone to eating it.....I am on the Atkins diet so I have been good all day but I still feel like I ate too much. Im sure it wasn't too much but I feel like 3 meals is too much in order to lose weight....at least for me....Ugghh....vicious cycle...
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