A question for those using B12 and taking phentermine
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    My doctor gave me a B12 shot on my first visit and said I may come in between visits to get another one if I need to, I noticed a big difference with my energy level I ended up going in last week just for a shot and I follow up tomorrow evening at that time I can get another shot.

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    i can not figure out thiese pics

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    Yep, I bought liquid B12 from GNC and it has 1000mcg of B12 this past weekend and I asked a Pharmacist if it was okay take with phen and she said it was fine. So far so good....I have great energy.
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    i've gotten them in the past from wal mart but never took them with phen. But i'm along with you on this one and i also wanted to know is the pill like taking the shot? my doc dont offer the shot either?
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    I read on one of the threads (can't remember specifically which one) that someone gets B12 tables from WalMart. I know most WalMarts have a pretty good vitamin selection, you may want to call their pharmacy and check it out. If they don't have it they may be able to give you some direction on where you can get it.

    Hope this helps.

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    Question A question for those using B12 and taking phentermine

    Hi everyone... my name is Alicia and I just started taking phen last Tues. I am splitting my 37.5mg into half and taking one in the morning and one around 1 or 2. I aplogize if this has been asked a ton of times before but I dont know how to search and get around this site so well yet. Anyway I see that a lot of people get b12 shots from their doctor well my doctor dosent do that he gave me water pills and the phen so I was wondering if anyone buys B12 tablets from the store and takes them? I appreciate everyones help and look forward to talking with everyone. I have been reading the threads since last week and everyone looks beautiful and happy!

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