I can eat 10 pounds of food on any givin day !!

I love food & I love almost every food out there, I will start the day with 2 bananas, a glass of milk & a nectarine, then drive to WattaBurger & get their #3 breakfast with a coke, Then at around 10am I can eat 1/2 to 1 lb. of deli meat with mustard & pickles, Then for lunch I will eat a complete chicken with 1/2 lb. of raw spinach, top that off with 2 bowls of shredded wheat - Then 2-3 hrs. later - I will eat a 16 oz. steak with all the goodies, Now comes dinner - I will go to the hottest mexican restaurant around & take in the dbl fajita platter with both corn & flour tortillas. By that time, it's around 7-8 in the evening & the real cravings start to kick in !!.....I can eat Cutie Pies, Twinkies, Ding Dongs, Suzie Cues all the way up to midnight.

It's a Madness that must Stop !!

I am also on prescribed Phentermine & it doesn't seem to matter if I run with 50-60 mg. a day, I still feel like eating 10 lbs of food all day - everyday.

Do I have a problem or is it that, there is absolutely no diet pill out there that will kill the hunger ??

I do know how to lose weight....

- I have lost weight in the past - I lost 80 lbs. twelve years ago - But it broke me financially, Because the way I lost it was with Methamphetamine & Cocaine., I realize it was not the right choice & today I wouldn't touch the stuff !!....but sometimes I wonder if thats the only way for me -

I guess my question is this, Do you think that because I used to do Meth - that now even 60 mg. of Phen doesn't phase me & seems to make me hungrier than ever ??