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    that is a gREAT idea! I never thought of freezing the pudding cups!

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    That is a great snack! I like freezing the pudding cups too. I love frozen stuff!
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    Mmm, yep I love it. Chocolate pudding has literally been my lunch for the past three days
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    Default delicious snack

    and it's not so bad for you............well, depends on what diet you are on i guess. i'm on low calorie/low fat diet and i just remembered this snack today....

    chocolate pudding cup with lite cool whip! simple, i know........but i forgot about it!

    god, it was sooooooooooo good. i had been eating pudding cups for awhile, but it's totally different with the cool whip. it's a great way to give in to a sweet tooth without doing much damage. just thought i'd share!

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