i am still stuck :( please help
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    Can you have an "Apple Day?" (that's what we do on the HCG Ptotocol) and it works for many if not all...

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    Carb cycling is a great way to break a plataue. I've been reading various articles on this subject lately and found an article on Strength & Science Weekly that is very easy to understand and really maps out how carb cycling works. I've crunched some numbers and found that even on a "no carb" day, at 1500 cals, you would still eat 56.25g carbs (they just have to be the right carbs and that is explained in the article as well). That is well above the 15g carbs you must eat due to the diabeties. You can find the article at http://www.strengthandscience.com/fe.../article20.htm. Sorry, you're going to have to cut and paste. It doesn't look like the link is working from my end.

    If you do not think carb cycling is the answer for you try The South Beach Diet. My mom is diabetic also and to help get her weight under control her Dr. had her do The South Beach Diet. At this time I can't remember if she was told to skip the first phase of the diet, where you have like no carbs for a week or two, but I could always ask. My mom has lost over 40 pounds this year and she doesn't even exercise! <<Completely jealous!

    Hope you find this helpful.

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    I don't know what I can tell you that you haven't already heard..but here it goes. Are your workouts always the same? Maybe try to change the intensity? Doing interval training burns more calories...do say 5 minutes of high intensity and then 3 minutes of lower intensity. Also- working the upper body for an entire interval loop and then during the next interval working the lower body will burn even more calories.

    Since I don't know about how you have to eat as a diabetic I can't add much to that. Maybe since you have to eat 1500 cals a day and can't really change that you could for several days (say 4days out of the week) eat very clean...just the really, healthy good stuff (raw veggies, fruits, low sodium, cut out extra butter and oils) and eat them throughout the day..grazing every few hours (6 mini meal thing)...and then for a few days-eat less of those things and add some more high calorie items and have three meals a day instead of 6..with maybe a small snack or two.

    hmm...don't eat for a couple hours before going to bed...and I guess ((if you haven't already)) cut out soda and as much oil/butter and sodium that you can.

    I hope some of this is new..I feel for you! ((hugs))

    best of wishes to you
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    Unhappy i am still stuck :( please help

    Well, I have been on phen since Feb and had a wonderful start. I lost 30 lbs, then have stayed there (haven't went up either !!!). I got some advice about not taking phen for a week, and then go back on to jump start, but still didn't work. I go back to Dr next week for my 3 month follow up from April, and since I haven't lost anymore, I don't think she will give it to me again. I don't know what else to do. I am nowhere near where I need to be. I am working out still 3-5 days a week for an hour at a time. I do not eat a lot. I know sometimes my choices aren't the best, but they are not the worst either.

    Please help, what else can I do? I have to eat at least 1500 cals because I am diabetic (at least 15 carbs a day too), otherwise when my sugar gets out of whack, I do not lose weight.

    Any help would be so great.....

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