Kept it off over 5 years?
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    Actually, my goal is 144, but I think technically it should be lower. When I lost weight in college, I got to 144 and was a size 12, sometimes a 10. That's my goal now -- down from a 20, 22, or 24, which are the sizes I seem to revolve around yearly. But also, now that I'm 20 years older, I know things tend to shift. But I'll worry about that when -- not "if," right? -- I get close to goal.

    I should look into getting a good treadmill. I have a very old treadmill that is LOUD and doesn't have any kind of incline functions... and there's too much dust on it!

    Your pictures are beautiful! And I love the boots. Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials.

    What part of Texas are you from? I grew up in Houston and went to college in Austin. I still visit a few times a year. In fact, I was there Father's Day weekend. We went to see an outdoor concert. You were right -- it is hot! And humid!

    Anyway, thanks for the reply. And congratulations again!

    -- Laura

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    Atlanta Laura- Do you have a tiny bone structure? cause if not 120 is kinda low, 144 sounds healthier. I'm 5'6" and I know at 140-145 I feel and look amazing, I'm trying to get to around 135 so that I have a coushin and have no excuse for going over 142 or so even if I have a special weekend surrounded by food at a party or something. And 135 is even pushing it a little for my height In my opinion, when I was 135 a few years ago I was told that I was too skinny and didn't look as attractive anymore and needed to eat. When you get to your goal weight you just have to make sure you don't quit weighing yourself atleast every couple of days because it will sneak up on you and it's much easier to diet for a week or two and lose 5 lbs than it is to do it for months becuase you let it keep going up. Oh, and it's too HOT to walk outside here too very often so I bought a treadmill at walmart for $399 and its amazing quality. I stuck it in the middle of my living room infront of the TV so I don't have any excuse not to use it or forget to use it, who cares if it's an eye sore if I'm Healthy and skinny! LOL


    height: 5'6"
    weight: 146.00

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    Thanks, luvlex, for the reply. I wish I had learned the good habits before. When I lost the weight in college, I got so much more active... not gym active, but just always on the go. I really think that's my major problem. My job is extremely sedentary and I work mostly out of my home, so the food is close. I've come to learn that when I focus more on exercise, I don't crave the junk food as much. Maybe I just need a little better self-talk to get myself to make the exercise a regular habit. (Instead of complaining to myself about how hot it is to go for a walk, I need to focus on getting fresh air and feeling good when I'm done, right?)

    You didn't qualify for the surgery? It sounds like you would have been on the cusp of possibly qualifying. I know my BMI isn't 40, but I'm in the high 30s --- at least I was two months ago when I went to a surgery information session (before losing almost 13 pounds on phen). I was 236 then, at 5'5, so I -think- that technically made me 100 pounds overweight, although I'm not really sure what number they use as what I should be weighing, since now they use ranges. (And since I would be self-pay, maybe I'd be approved by the doctor and not have to worry about insurance approval -- mine doesn't approve anyone at all.) And I think the goal I want to reach may be a little higher than it should be. I'm thinking 144, but I think technically they say I should be in the 120s, which means I'm still 100 pounds overweight. Anyway, I would like to hear more of the process. I'll send you a PM.

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    I think if you learn the appropriate tools while using phen, you should be able to keep it off, give or take a bit, for life. If you do the right thing, eating right and exercising while on it, and not losing while eating junk and being idle, ya know. You take those things you have learned on your way and apply them to every day life without phen to maintain.

    BTW, if you are 80 pounds overweight, you won't qualify for surgery any way. I was 227 and 5' 4 and didn't qualify. If you want to know "the process" send me a pm, I'll tell you all the gory details lol.
    HW 227
    SW 221

    6/14 221
    6/21 218
    6/28 213
    7/5 212
    7/12 210
    7/19 209.2
    7/26 210.6 (no phen ten days)
    8/1 207.0 (back on phen 7/29)
    8/8 204.6
    8/15 202
    8/22 200.2
    8/29 200.2
    9/5 198.4
    9/12 195.3
    10/3 195 (stuck-phen break for me!)
    10/10 194
    10/31 191.4
    11/14 192 (still no phen)
    12/19 190

    First mini-goal 200 (MET)
    Second mini-goal 180

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    Default Kept it off over 5 years?

    Hello, everyone!
    I am returning to this site after several years.
    About 20 years ago, in college, I lost 30 pounds with phentermine and kept it off for three years with no problem. Since then I have grown older and larger. I now have 80+ pounds to lose and am considering my options, including surgery.

    Has anyone here been able to lose a large amount with phentermine and maintain for a long period of time, say 5 years or more?

    I've let my weight isolate me quite a bit and I want to finally gain control and start living. (At 43, it's about time, isn't it?)

    I'd love to hear from you!


    -- Laura

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