My first day.....
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    Welcome to both of you! I've taken both(phen and phenD), but like phen better only because I don't have to take it 3x a day like phenD. I didn't get the rush of energy with phenD either but it still worked. Good luck both of you!

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    I am glad you survived your first day. Good luck!!!!
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    good for you I'm glad you had a good day!
    I started phenD today...different stuff but similar... well I thought about food alot (well not more than usual) but refrained from eating alot wich is good, i usually just give in and eat when i think about food.

    I dont "feel" anything though like you a bit jealous-i'd like to know its working at least, and i still feel like i have an apetite, just phenD gives me more of an ability to think about food descisions and not just stuff my face. boy would i love to loose the apatite though...that should help alot!
    Im glad it sounds like phen will really work! good luck to you! stick with it!

    I think i lost my mind struggling to loose my extra weight.

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    Smile My first day.....

    Well, as you all know.....since you are taking phen, how my day most likely went.
    I was going to wait until the weekend to start taking phen because I didn't know how I would react and I had to work today. Well, i had a dream last night that i was stuffing my face, so i woke up and decided to start right away........let me just say that I LOVE LOVE this stuff. I am taking it along with seriquel ( for the manic side of bi polar disorder) They seem to work great together. I had NO appetite and had to make myself eat...which wasn't too much. That is a complete 180 from where i was even yesterday, when I had to make myself stop eating. I don't feel jittery at all but my day FLEW by. Anyhoo, tomorrow i will make sure i eat a little more now that i know how I take to the medicine.

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