Maschka1 is getting MARRIED!!(((((Gotta READ)))))
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    This is sooooooooooooooooo TRUE!!!!
    I remember all through grade school I would say i was ugly, and then one day I looked in the mirror and started saying, "Hey, I am cute, Hey I am pretty" LOL not chanting it or anything just a quick "hey I look cute today.." and just because I said it didn't mean I actually thought it, I was trying to look at my positives....
    ANYWAYS doing that alone I started to feel better about myself, some how I built my own self esteem!! And now when i look in the mirror I really do see a cute girl!

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    Thanks, ladies, for responding. Both of you make such valuable points to back up the fact that your thoughts effect the wold around you. I also love how you two both chose when to change you mindset. That takes a lot of strength to do. Not everyone can do that. Just for that, alone, you two are amazing!

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    AMEN sister!! SO true!!! When I was a kid and all through grade school to high school even...I had really low self esteem, my mom was never a girly person, and wears clothes way too big for herself, to "cover up" her that in turn was the way i dressed, because she bought my clothes! lol funny recently she found an old picture of me and actually apologized to me for putting me in clothes that were way too big for me...ANYWAYS...when I got older, I still had only a few friends, always thought I was fat and ugly and that no one would EVER want me as a friend, let a lone a girlfriend or a wife!! So i settled for a guy as a bf in high school and dated him for almost 2 years even when I knew he was w/another girl, and doing things like smoking, drinking, drugs, that i didn't agree with, BUT the point is that i settled for him because I didn't think I was worthy of any guy's attention and thought I better hold onto him...well I moved 4 hours away, and was living w/a family that i was a nanny for, and i had to learn to stand up for myself there, and grow up, and in the process, I learned to really like myself regardless of how I looked in the mirror...that led to me breaking up w/the punk back home, and several months later, I met my husband, and thank God every day, for that life changing transformational time in my life!!!

    Sorry for the rambling, but my point is that Bronzy is absolutely right...especially about the part where, what you think of yourself is what everyone else will think of is so true...and whats funny is now that I have changed my perspective about myself, I have become a girly girl, and my mom is taking tips from me! lol...the other thing I have learned is this...

    1. God loves me
    2. My husband loves me
    3. I love me

    so who gives a crap what everyone else thinks about me?! Anyways...more than anything congrats on the your marriage Maschka1!! Marriage is WONDERFUL!!!
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    Well said, Bronzy.

    About two months ago my room was filled with pictures of skinny girls wearing what I wanted to wear, weight loss products galore, and lists of things I was going to do when I got thin. And then I finally had had enough. I tore it all down, threw the weight loss pills and lists away, and told myself that I could wear what that skinny girl was wearing too. I went and bought it, and wore it everywhere. Since finding this place, I've gotten a little more confident.
    Heck, I might even be able to wear that dress better then that skinny Biyatch.

    You've got to be in that mindset! You are a queen, honey. But you've got to know that yourself, and rock that confidence. Let it shine through!

    Love & Peace
    First, love and accept, then change.

    Toccara Jones is my avatar and inspiration. :BTW:

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    Default Maschka1 is getting MARRIED!!(((((Gotta READ)))))

    Hey girl!!!!!! I read your theread I responded to it, but I wanted to post a new thread to make sure you see my answer and that others who may feel the same way can see it too. Some women in general don't plan on loving their beauty until AFTER they reach their goal...and I think that is ridiculous. So I hope this thread will open someones eyes. I used to be very depressed about my appereance, but in my junior year of highschool I had to put an end to all of that and love myself no matter what. It was then, my life and the energy around me completly changed.

    I know you are getting married next week and are probably busy, so I REALLY hope you read this. I would hate for you to go to you wedding feel that way, because it is false. So here is the response I gave you:

    ================================================== ========

    Get ready for my tough love::::
    You need to get it together. I'm not talking about physically either, because you are doing a great job. You need to get yourself together, mentally! What you think, in your brain, is what the world will knock right back to you.

    You are looking in the mirror, right now, expecting for you brain to magically say ", I look good!"...that's NOT going to happen because you keep fighting your brain by finding all of the flaws. Look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself what you LOVE about your body. Tell yourself "I'm doing a he.lluva job with this weight loss stuff." You are your OWN cheerleader. If you don't cheer yourself on then everybody else can easily put you down (whether it be what they think of you are what they say).

    Let me tell you something....I am a big girl. I am 5'9". I was 307 at my heaviest and now 276. I carry all of my weight on top...and when I walk in a room, I know people see I'm big. Shoot, they're not blind....but I'm positive that what else they see is a big girl who looks good and feels good. So the fact that I am bigger doesn't even phase them....because IT'S NOT PHASING ME.

    Now, you really aren't big, but I can understand where you are coming from. But remember that regardless, you are beautiful and a great person. THAT is what people really see. So at your wedding, don't you dare let any negative thoughts about your image cross your mind. If it does, push that thought away and fill your brain with, "I am going to be the most beautiful bride they have ever and will see.....I'm am about to rock that aisle with all of my gorgeousness. All of my family, friends, and husband won't even be able to handle how good ALLLLLLL this woman (meaning you) looks!"----and when you say it....mean it....because it is true. And when i say "ALLLLL this woman," I mean ALL of you, every beautiful soft curve, every twinkle in your eye, and every bit of light you shine.

    Though you are molding and sculpting your body to be slimmer, you still MUST love what you have NOW---no matter what! This is cliche but true---tons of women would love to have your shape (shoot, I would lol). Many people are out there in the world and look at you walking through town, and think you are beautiful. So it is your JOB to own up to that responsibility and give the people what they want....You need to work every step you make and EVERY head you turn.

    You need to have positive thoughts in you to have positive energy around you. People feed off of that and along with that they see you as beautiful and bright. This method never fails.

    Enjoy your wedding day and love yourself!....cause if you don't, no one else will see your beauty.

    ================================================== ===========

    Ladies please understand, there is true POWER in what I am telling you. If you completly.....seriously....completly love yourself now, things are going to majorly change. There is power in thought, the world really does mold it's self around you based upon your thinking. Don' feel sorry or pitiful for yourself. That is a waste of time and useful energy. Use that energy to love yourself and take care of yourself, only then will things start to change!

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