I think i need some help...
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    I do the same as Kellgee, I have small meals (or whatever I can manage) every 2 to 3 hours. Usually this consists of 1 medium sized apple, a salad, or something along those lines. Sometimes it is just a hand full of nuts. While my mind says I'm not hungry I still know that I need to eat something to fuel my body and metabolism. I am starting to notice though that my appietite is coming back in the evenings. I've actually started eating later at night because that is when I can eat something subtaintual enough. Give your body some time to adjust to the med.

    I also agree that you need to start incorporting exercise into your day. After I do an intense 55 minute circuit I feel like I'm starving. Up to an hour after your workout is a great time eat, especially carbs.

    I would start exercising and see how that changes your emotional state and appietite. That may just be the key for you. It really helps me on a daily basis.

    Hope this helps!

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    Please, please eat. I know it's hard, but you have to have at least 1200 calories a day. Otherwise your body will go into starvation mode and will hang on to every calorie you take in. I know it sounds odd, but that's what happens.
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    As far as the eating I would attempt to eat a small portion every 3-4 hours. So I am not overly concerned with calories but make certain you take a good multi-vitamin and b-complex vitamin. If you are going to lose rapid weight as we do hear some of the effects such as losing hair etc can be counteracted with vitamins. First time I took Phen I did not listen and I lost alot of hair as a result. Also look into protein shakes. I like Herb a life and slimfast they are about 200 calories if you use 1% milk or soy or even water. Sometimes I drink meals and eat fruit on days that I don't want to eat.
    As far as mood swings baby it can get quite B****Y at my house(LOL) i have just explained to DH that themeds can cause this. He gets over it. I hope this was helpful.

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    It is hard to eat when you first get on it.. this is my second time on phen... so I knew what to expect. I have learned to keep excedrin migraine on hand and that exercise DOES help with the moodiness
    If you don't eat (cause it is difficult) you may get headaches and of course mood swings.. your body does still need food, just not as much, and of the right variety.

    The first time I was on phen, I still ate some junk just less of it, and I wasn't exercising...
    My result... yea, I lost weight, drank a TON of water, lived with a headache for month and yes, I was very moody!

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    OK, I could hardly eat the first few days on phen too, but that changed after a few days. Now I don't have much of an appetite (which is what's supposed to happen) until late afternoon, at which point I still get quite hungry. Give it a few days and I am sure you'll get some of your appetite back..enough to finsh an apple at least!! I started off on only a quarter of my perscribed dose too...that may be an option as long as you're NOT on the extended release pills.

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    regarding the emotional issues: please take a look at this post https://www.phentermine.com/forum/my...ings-help.html

    Plan your meals and make yourself eat. the first week is the hardest but if your body goes into starvation mode it's going to want to hold onto everything you eat and drink and it makes it hard to lose.

    You will find if you start exercising you will NEED to eat more, because your body just wont' have the energy otherwise which should help.
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    Default I think i need some help...

    I started Phentermine this past tuesday. I am excited about the possibilities but I dont really know if i am doing things right....

    My dietician put me on a plan for 1600 calories a day and i can hardly take in over 600... for breakfast yesterday i had a hard time finishing an apple. This really cant be good for my body, let me know your suggestions!

    I havent incorporated exercise into my diet yet, what do you guys do for your exercise plans? ive been paying for my gym membership for 2 months now and have yet to go once...

    Also, has anyone experienced any emotional issues when first starting phentermine, aside from the insanely terrible taste in my mouth all the time, i have found myself being more emotional and down. Could this be the phentermine?

    Help! i want to succeed, i just need help!!

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