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    I had dry mouth and dry skin but using lotion a couple times a day helps. Also, I got headaches in the first 2 weeks almost everyday but after 2 advils's they went away. I still get them every once in awhile.

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    At first i had headaches and i felt really tired after a few hour of the med in my system but now it's not so bad anymore. You should stop having headaches hopefully in another week. Good Luck... Stay with it don't give up. Drink lots of water.
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    dry mouth is the only side effect i still have.

    in the beginning i ran around like a crackhead from all the energy, but thats the only side effect that really got to me...

    o0o n constipation!

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    At one time I experienced headaches, but that stopped, I would say that it took about 2 weeks to stop.
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    Default Side Effects

    What side effects are u experienceing all the time with Phentermine????
    And do they ever go away???

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