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    I'm at around 900... at this time. No bad carbs at all, zip, nada, none, or I wouldn't be able to stop eating I'm too sensitive to them.

    I'm not exercising at all, which is why I need to keep them low...

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    I eat 1200 calories daily. I eat 3 meals and a few snacks in between. What I put on my plate depends on what I've eaten the meal before. If I go and splurge and eat a big slice cake from (which has 340 calories per 1-8 of a cake) for example, I'm not going to eat 4 ozs of t-bone (280 calories) and baked potatoe with skin on (6.5 ozs 220 calories), a salad with spritzer dressing (1 1/2 cups of salad is 35 calories and spritzer is 10 calories per 10 sprays), and green beans (half cup of Italian style green beans is 30 calories) for lunch, and then for dinner have a 3 oz pork chop (172 calories), french fries (10 fries are 110 calories), an ear of corn (96 calories) , and white bread (150 calories), and a salad with dressing (salad is 35. Dressing is 10 calories per 10 sprays). Not including breakfast, I have gone 233 calories past my 1200 calorie limit. I usually will subtract what I eat at that time and subtract it from my 1200 calories, then each time I eat I will subtract how many calories left out of those 1200 each meal so I know what I can eat. I know the calories because I look at the labels and I have a book that tells the calories when I go out to restaurants. This is how I do it. Now some people count carbs. I don't know the first thing about that. But most of my meals are no more than 4 ozs meat (1-2 meals depending on calories for particular meal), 2 veggies (salad almost every meal and veggie such as green beans or carrots etc), and maybe a serving of low cal fruits. Breakfast is usually a fruit or 1 egg (no butter or grease), 2 slices turkey bacon (depending on how many calories or serving), 1 slice wheat bread (which usually has 70 calories per slice), and a glass of water or unsweetened tea (I know I should stay away from caffine). I try to stay away from cake and things because I don't want to feel hungry and if I do eat them I eat a kiddie slice (it's what I call it anyway) and subtract it from my calories. I also write everything down. However, this is only the way I lose weight. because I can keep track of what I'm eating.

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    Default How Much?

    How much does everyone eat everyday???
    Like how many meals a day???
    How much food do u put on your plate???

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