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    I think I'll just ignore this post...


    right now i'm not working out due to things going on in my life.....but I am big into group fitness classes and enjoy all kinds so I don't get bored. (step, aerobic dance, body sculpt, etc_.

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    Before dealing with this kidney stone I would exercise at least 6 days a week. Sometimes I take Sundays off. I walk 3 miles every morning and I take spin classes in the afternoons 3 days a week or an hour. I also do the elliptical machine.
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    I try to work out 4 days at least, a week. In between I do things like clean house or work in the yard. I usually do water aerobics 3x a week at about 75 mins each, then cardio/weights for an hour and a half.
    Amanda in AL
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    SW: 1/08- 294
    04/08- 264 diet and excercise - Binge Eater- off wagon after this!
    06/03/08 271- Started Phen per doc. 37.5mg 1x/day
    6/10/08-261 WOW! 10 lbs in one week!
    6/17/08-263 BLOATED! Blah!
    07/07/08 Overdid it this weekend! 259 Crap!
    08/01/08 257.5 WTF?
    08/05/08 TOM came and gone...Drumroll.... 249.5 YES!

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    Quote Originally Posted by benson012094 View Post
    1. What ALL do u do for exercise??? Walk, sometimes.
    2. Do u exercise everyday??? No.
    3. How long do u exercise everyday??? Until I get tired or run out of time.

    Noone ever answers my posts that much - Welcome to forum life. That happens.
    This is what works for me....Hope this helps a bit.


    1. 20 stomach crunches in the morning and evening
    2. go to the gym before work for 1 hour doing Cardio 40 minutes, jogging 20 minutes
    3. power walk on breaks around building
    4. go back to gym for 1 hour after work, doing cardio, cycling or walking.

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    1. What ALL do u do for exercise??? Walk, sometimes.
    2. Do u exercise everyday??? No.
    3. How long do u exercise everyday??? Until I get tired or run out of time.

    Noone ever answers my posts that much - Welcome to forum life. That happens.
    You must be the change you want to see in the world. - Gandhi

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    I'm agreeing with Rhonda here. WTH is up with the 5 baziliion posts, it feels like we are being interviewed.
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    6/14 221
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    7/5 212
    7/12 210
    7/19 209.2
    7/26 210.6 (no phen ten days)
    8/1 207.0 (back on phen 7/29)
    8/8 204.6
    8/15 202
    8/22 200.2
    8/29 200.2
    9/5 198.4
    9/12 195.3
    10/3 195 (stuck-phen break for me!)
    10/10 194
    10/31 191.4
    11/14 192 (still no phen)
    12/19 190

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    Sweetgirl, I don't mean to be mean, and I don't usually do this.....but......I think a lot of the people are ignoring your posts because you keep posting the same thing over and over and over. There are 4 or 5 posts asking these EXACT SAME questions all over the board. If you will wait you will get responses. Again, not trying to be mean, just helpful.

    Use myspace all day long lol. Add me if you would like to chat

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    Hey this will be my first post, but I have read alot in the past few days!
    Just got back on phen Wednesday
    Ok, so now to your question!!
    I get up an hour early most days during the week and do a work out or 2 from Exercise tv, which is usually about 45 minutes
    Most afternoons/evenings i'll walk around our neigherhood at least once (which is a lil over a mile) I try to do it once as soon as I get home, then again after dinner.
    Aside from that, I clean and chase after an 11 year old and a 4 year old, and the 40 year old (DH) chases me! lol  0553

    That spare tire aka muffin top, has got to GO!!!

    Starting the Body For Life challenge at around 152, i'm sure... I haven't weighed tho... so we shall see!

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    Mon-Wed I do some type of home based activity for 30-45 minutes such as a fitness dvd, cleaning, step-ups, lunges squats
    Thurs-Sun I go to the gym Thurs& Sat I do about 35 minutes cardio 30 minutes strength training Fri-Sun I do at least 1 hour 10 minutes of cardio walking intrevals on treadmill speeds 2.8-4.0 on incline of 15.0 I also for at least 4 minutes do lunges at 1.0 at 15.0 incline.
    My weight is predominately in my lower half, big thighs, hips and booty, that my workouts are geared towards that area. I also have a 2 year old to run,jump and play with. I subscribe to self magazines which gives alot of great tips.
    I hope this helps. Good Luck!!!!
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    1st Weigh-in 6/18: 262
    2nd Weigh-in 7/15: 249
    7/25: 244
    Regained all weight plus some
    01/05 265
    01/10 255

    1st Mini goal: 2/05 235
    2nd mini goal: 03/05 225
    Ultimate goal : 210-215 by 05/15 Grad School Graduation!!!!

    Goals subject to change based on how I look and feel as I lose weight.

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    I workout pretty much everyday, but it varies on how much and what type exercises I do.

    I workout no less than 30 minutes per day and no less than 5 days per week. I do know that definitely most days that I workout, I do two hours or more each day.
    I might get up early and do a FIRM workout. Then after I leave work, I workout at the gym for an hour and 30 minutes. I do the elliptical and treadmill. I do HITT training maybe 3 times per week. On other days, I jog and walk, and do the elliptical on a high resistance. If for some reason I can't get to the gym, I workout at home on my stationary bike. Along with that, I ll do some ab work, pushups, dumbbells and resistant band work.
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    I try to work out 5-6 times a week... for at least an hour (depending on the activity though)
    I do anything from
    Cleaning the house from top to bottom- vaccuming, washing floors, laundry, dusting, etc. we have 3500sq ft... so it take about 2 1/2 hours for me to do it.

    When I do yoga or pilates I make sure I do 30 mins of cardio first to keep my fat burning switch on. The others like cardio, tae-bo or biking... i do for 45 mins

    hope this helps.
    Height= 5'8"
    SW = 259 1/24/08
    CW 2/21/08 = 238 Lost 20 lbs
    CW 3/20/08 = 234 total 24 lbs went off phen
    CW 4/18/08 = 221 toal 33 lbs *reached mini goal
    CW 6/9/08 = TOM & Vacation.... 231 dang it- But it was fun
    CW 7/1/08 = 222
    CW 8/5/08 = 215 -Down 45lbs WOOT WOOT!!!!

    Next Mini Goal = 210

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    I workout 5-7 days a week. I do a variety of things. Some of the things I do regularily are the elliptical machine at the gym (45-75 mins.), kickboxing classes (60 min.), weight training at the gym (45 mins.), winsor pilates dvd's (20 min.), and tae-bo dvd's (30-60 min.). I also like Zumba classes and I walk my dog (Lucy) daily unless it's bad weather.

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    I walk, every day, no excuses. My seven year old is my motivation during the summer. At the end of our mile walk path around our lake is a park. If he walks with me without griping, he gets thirty minutes of playtime while I catch up with the other moms. We both enjoy our walks! As my weight comes off, we've been bike riding and swimming more too, because I can do these things without getting exhausted.

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    Unhappy PlEaSe AnSweR eVeRyOnE :*(

    1. What ALL do u do for exercise???
    2. Do u exercise everyday???
    3. How long do u exercise everyday???

    Noone ever answers my posts that much

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