Little things that have changed...
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    Thank you ladies! I'll be back in the morning.
    First, love and accept, then change.

    Toccara Jones is my avatar and inspiration. :BTW:

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    I am emotional eater. In order to be able to function through some traumatic events I begin to eat. It took me a while to come to that conclusion and I began to do behavioral work on myself(I am in the process of completing my MSW) I did my internship at a addictions treatment facility and I began to apply the same principles and theories to myself. Such as seeking out sober support, this forum. Refuting irrational absolute thoughts, I am a failure because I can not beat this weight issue,. Realize that it is a life challenge that I do not have to be ashamed of. These are some of my principles and since utilizing this method I have lost a little over 30lbs. It has not been a straight success I have back slid more than twice but the key is realizing where I went wrong adjusting and getting back on track. I hope this is helpful.

    Highest Non-Pregnancy related weight 03/08: 279
    1st Weigh-in 6/18: 262
    2nd Weigh-in 7/15: 249
    7/25: 244
    Regained all weight plus some
    01/05 265
    01/10 255

    1st Mini goal: 2/05 235
    2nd mini goal: 03/05 225
    Ultimate goal : 210-215 by 05/15 Grad School Graduation!!!!

    Goals subject to change based on how I look and feel as I lose weight.

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    This helps me pass time without my husband. My over eating began as a child. When we did good at something, we got rewarded with food. When we was down and out, my mom or grandmother would make our special meal. Celebrations was always around a dinner table. Holidays, everyone made a big dish and everyone would literally stay until all of it was gone.

    So I guess my inspirational part to this would be, I'm not passing this on to my kids. I am the last one of my generation to end all this family tradition of over eating. My kids will never know what it's like to have to depend on food so much for comfort, love, or sympathy. Instead, they can rely on me taking care of them instead of the fatty, sweet, or salty. My kids love fruits and vegetables and will turn their nose up at candy. Hopefully, it stays this way. As long as I prove to them that it is worth it, then they should be good.

    I'm glad that I was raised the way I was. As far as being taught values and morals, my mom did an awesome job. But I have my own way of teaching my kids the rewarding side of life, besides food. The thing I've learned most is that courage and strength will give you power to overcome anything. And I will prove my brother and sister wrong! I will not be that short fat thing, sitting on the edge of the couch, watching Oprah and eating bon bons!!!
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    Default Little things that have changed...

    I know this sounds odd, but I wanted to start a thread over small things that have changed on your way to being healthy.

    I just noticed today that I have been sooo bored. I didn't get it, and just chalked it up to getting up a little earlier.
    So, I was stalking the board again (Lol, honestly, I'll leave sometime. I'M NOT ADDICTED! I CAN STOP WHEN I WANT TO!) when I finally realized why I was so bored.

    I wasn't raiding the frige. I wasn't hiding food away. I wasn't thinking about how to get money to buy lunch, or what I would be buying. I wasn't thinking about dinner. I was being normal.

    I've wasted days of my life obsesing over FOOD.

    I'm addicted. I really am addicted to food. My dad would tell me that all the time. "Quit watching the food channel all the time!" "You just ate, your being kind of greedy, kid." "I think your addicted to food, child!"
    And I, one of the common know-it-alls we call teenagers, blew him off. Tried to shoot it back at him. "Well you do this and that, so your addicted too!" And he'd laugh and agree, being the wise guy he is, and would just keep repeating what he said. Well, it's finally gotten through my thick head.

    *throws fit*

    HE WAS RIGHT! (Dang parents! *grumble*)

    Well, first step: I admit it. Fine, I may have a slight problem. But I know what normal is now, and I'm kind of liking it. I want to live normal, and not think about food all the time.

    Okay! I need some motivational stories from all willing! I want to hear it.

    Peace & Love
    First, love and accept, then change.

    Toccara Jones is my avatar and inspiration. :BTW:

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