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Thread: Excerciseing???

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    1.I do some form of excercise every day. Here goes Mon, Tue , Wed I can't go to the gym so I try to do some form of excercise off the T.v , I have comcast which has excercise on demand. I love tae-bo and biggest loser
    2. Thurs-Sun I go to the gym I work out as follow: Thursday 36 minutes elliptical 30 minutes lower body strength training ; weighted squats, leg press, adducter, abductor, hamstring kick back, and calf raises I do 3 sets of 15 each. Friday 1 hour 8 minutes of cardio 35 treadmill intrevals on incline of 15.0 and 33 minutes of elliptical weight loss course on resistance 10. Saturday same as Thursday Sunday same as Friday.
    3. Every 3 weeks I try to increase time and level by 10% because body will become used to activity.
    4. I just started back on Phen and workout 4 weeks ago and I have lost 17lbs.
    I hope I answered all your questions

    Highest Non-Pregnancy related weight 03/08: 279
    1st Weigh-in 6/18: 262
    2nd Weigh-in 7/15: 249
    7/25: 244
    Regained all weight plus some
    01/05 265
    01/10 255

    1st Mini goal: 2/05 235
    2nd mini goal: 03/05 225
    Ultimate goal : 210-215 by 05/15 Grad School Graduation!!!!

    Goals subject to change based on how I look and feel as I lose weight.

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    Default Excerciseing???

    1. How many days a week (7 days) do u exercise???

    2. How long do u exercise for when u exercise???

    3. What ALL do u do for exercise???

    4. How much weight have u losted so far being on Phentermine???

    5. How long have u been on it???

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