High Blood Pressure
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    I currently take blood pressure every morning but when i forgot to take it or if i get a really stressed out i get a ridiculous bloody noise. I was told by my doc that I have to make sure i take it everyday because it will effect me more now because I'm on Phen. Does anyone else get bloody noise do to your blood pressure?
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    Okay everyone's bp changes throughout the day. If you're stressed out, it can make it skyrocket.

    My bp has been high before...but just on the high end of average. My doc still prescribed phen for me. We just check it monthly. I've also been taking 3000 mg of fish oil pills daily which is good for heart health. So mine has averaged out some even with phen.

    If you take phen and your body feels weird...TELL YOUR DOCTOR. You have to be able to read your body's signals. If you're feeling weird...your bp might be outta whack.

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    My bp is different each time that I go to the doctor I know that one appointment I went to I was really stressed out & my stomach hurt my bp was really high than & the 2nd time I went to to the doctor my stomach hurt but I wasn't really stressed out like it was before it wasnt as high as it was before.
    My bp always changes.Once I went a week at my house checking my blood pressure everyday
    because my nurse wanted me to & I showed the doctor the paper of my results & she said that my bp
    looked fine. But that was a long time ago.My doctor wants me to check my bp once a day now & if it gets to high im supppossed to call her.
    Is your bp ever high???
    Does your bp get high sometimes???

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    Yeah you BP will increase throught the day....but maybe when you went to the doctor it was still in a safe range. Is your BP high or just higher than YOUR norm?

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    Default High Blood Pressure

    Sometimes my blood pressure is high when I went to the doctor the other day it wasn't as high as it was before she prescribed me Phentermine.
    I'm guessing its ok for me to take it even though my blood pressure is sometime high because she prescribed me it.
    So is it ok for me to take it even though my blood pressure is sometimes high???
    Why or Why not???
    I think the reasons for me having high blood pressure when going to the doctor is because I was stressed out about my weight & because the appointmenr was to talk about my weight.also because my stomach was hurting eah time when I went there.
    Does anyone else sometimes have high blood pressure & u got prescribed
    Phentermine anyways???

    Please Reply Soon

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