Starting to see some results!!!
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    That's amazing!!! Don't think that phen has done this for you though. You are the one choosing to workout, you are the one putting in all the effort, you are the one following through. The only thing phen does for you is help curb your appetite. So here's praise to you for doing the right thing. CONGRATS!!!!

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    Congrats!!!!! If you do the right thing you will lose. That's awsome weight loss. Everyone I know who has taken Phen has had success.

    Highest Non-Pregnancy related weight 03/08: 279
    1st Weigh-in 6/18: 262
    2nd Weigh-in 7/15: 249
    7/25: 244
    Regained all weight plus some
    01/05 265
    01/10 255

    1st Mini goal: 2/05 235
    2nd mini goal: 03/05 225
    Ultimate goal : 210-215 by 05/15 Grad School Graduation!!!!

    Goals subject to change based on how I look and feel as I lose weight.

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    Talking Starting to see some results!!!

    So I am really excited. I started Phen on July 3rd and have lost 9 pounds. I still pretty much eat what I want but in moderation. I'm just not hungry and sometimes it's hard to make myself eat but doing better. I dont like plain water so I drink diet white tea and I guess that's better than nothing. I truly believe in these pills especially since I started working out in January and try to go at least 3 times a week. (kickboxing for 45 minutes, body pump for an hour and the elliptical or treadmill for 30 minutes). Since January I have only lost 21 pounds, 9 of which Phen helped with. Hoping to lose an additional 30 pounds and with Phen I think I can do it! Finally feel like there is hope!!

    Thanks for all your encouraging posts and helpful information!!

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