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    Hi there!

    I take Phen and I had high cholesterol. VERY high. It has actually gone down to normal in the month I have been on it. I have Mitral Valve prolapse too and take it with no issue.

    The only side effects I have had are: Minor headaches in beginning, serious case of dry mouth (which you just drink a TON of water for); constipation and being hot/sweating more.

    Other than that, I really love it. I can absolutely tell it works!
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    I can't comment on some of what you are asking, but I will tell you this. I may not be Italian, but I am an honorary Italian with all fo the Italians I have dated. I love Italian food, I'd eat it daily if I had the time to mak eit. What has helped me (other than the PhenD, of course) is buying the prepackaged frozen foods. I eat Special K or Go Lean Crunch with fat free milk for breakfast and then one of the frozen meals for lunch and dinner. Now, that is because my doc put me on a 1000 calorie a day diet. Yours may not do that or they might put you on another kind of diet. But for me, it's become a no brainer because I don't really have calories to count.

    A while after I take it I do get hot, but other than that, there have been no side effects (I make sure not to take it too late or I can't go to sleep on time, though). And I am on PhenD. So go see your doctor and let him/her decide what they think is best for you. But as I had to find out, eating the way you do now is what got you to where you are. You're going to have to be willing to change to lose the weight....and to keep it off.

    I can only speak for myself, but sticking to a 1000 calorie a day diet isn't something I thought I could do. But I haven't cheated once. Maybe a low calories snack (less than 100 calores) here or there, but that's it. And I've been getting more exercise. Getting the weight off it THAT important to me. And for the first time I am doing it for MYSELF, no one else. HTH!
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    Default Brand New and looking for advise! double post in new members

    Hello my name is Stephanie and I am very new to Phentermine. So new that I have not even got a prescription yet. But I am thinking about asking my doctor, since one of my good friend at work recently went on it and lose 23 in one month!!!! WOW

    I currently have tried everything thing from aktins to weight watchers to many other diets I know are not exactly healthy(cabbage soup diet,...and never again! I seem to lose (a little) but i soon become frustrated. they all require cutting a LOT of my favorite foods(ie. aktins, no pasta....very hard when your marrying into an Italian family ) And sometime I just feel hungry/ or not satisfied after I'm done eating , so I snack.

    Ok so on to my main point for posting, Im really interested in getting Phrntermine but I would like to know more about it before I ask my doctor.

    So what should I know from people with experience before taking it. downside/upside of it. any cautions or thing I should watch for.

    and also any advise you guys have about bringing it up to my doctor.

    p.s.are there any restrictions that would prevent me from being prescribed Phen? (high cholesterol)

    Thank you!

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