Not sure why but this makes me sad
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    it's sad that she can't change her habits on her own and is giving up by resorting to the lap band. if she has the lap band she CAN'T eat however she wants. her stomach won't hold it....she'll get sick. i guess she is really desperate.

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    I am sad too now. It never ceases to amaze me that people believe that healthy, permanent weight loss can be both obtained and sustained through anything other than a healthy lifestyle. I would have to say something but then again, my hubby says I talk too much..LOL. Maybe if you shared your regimen with her that would give her some incentive to change her eating habits as well. Some people simply are not will to make the changes necessary to get to where they want to be.

    Let us know if you speak to her and what the outcome was.
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    You are completely justified in how you feel. Phen is NOT a miracle drug. I have done Phen before and not seen results because I wasn't ready to give it my all. That is why I joined WW. I had to learn how to make LIFESTYLE CHANGES. Without learning how to eat right and exercise, I would never be able to maintain a healthy weight. It is so much more than just a diet for me. Don't be hard on yourself or feeling how you do. You are completely right or how you feel!
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    I agree with everyone else, you are not being to harsh at all! I was on phen about 2 years ago and didn't change my eating habits. I lost 15 lbs in 2 months but stop taking phen and I gained it all back + another 30 lbs!!!!
    I took that a lesson and I have def learned to change my ways since then. Maybe she just needs to learn on her own ? : /

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    Trust me, as someone who delved into the the process of weight loss surgery, when she gets in there and realizes all it will entail, she will realize it is not a magic solution. I think th eonly people who are truly going to be successful in this journey are the people who take responsibility for themselves and their weight. Unfortunately, you cannot tell a person how to do this. She will either grasp it one day, or she won't.
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    no I dont think that you are being harsh you are being realistic! I take my hat off to anyone who is taking a step in the right direction, but having a surgery or taking a pill could only assist but it cant maintain the results! That is when will power and dicipline have to set in..after the lap band if she dont change her eating habits she is going to make herself sick...I have a friend whos husband got the gastric bypass and lost over 200 pounds which was great but within the next year he was already up over 50 pounds because he did not change his eating habits, his stomach capacity grew so he was able to take in more calories and gain weight! She should look at you as a model representative of the very thing she told you about and see what it could do only if you apply yourself!

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    Although you may not be close with this lady, you can still talk to her as a friend and let her know that there is no miracle pill or procedure. Maybe turn her onto this site so she can see that if she does her part Phen will do its part. One thing is for sure, if she does not change her habits she will not be successful in the long run.

    I also find it sad that your friend keeps going to more extremes trying to lose weight. Especially when she hasn't tried the simpliest solution of them all: change of eating habits and exercise.

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    Maybe she misunderstood about the phen and what is was suppose to do? I think there are a lot of people that think taking phen is enough to make them lose weight. But what they don't understand is that if they do not change their lifestyle then they are only going to gain it back without the phen.

    I am sure if she talks to her Dr about the lap band surgery he will explain to her the importance of diet and exercise and he will know if she is even a candidate for the surgery. I know a lot of Drs want the person to be dieting and working VERY hard at losing weight before they will consider any type of surgery.

    I don't think you are being too harsh but I would let her Dr tell her everything and just pray that she learns and does what is neccessary to lose the weight......part of which is owning up to her problems and understanding why she eats the way she does.

    I do have to say that I am not the best dieter and have mostly just cut back my portions......I don't eat all the health foods or the typical diet foods b/c I am too picky and I know that I cannot cut out all the things I love commpletely so I just plan to have the phen help me eat healthy smaller portions and not snack throughout the day.......hopeffully I will get into the habit of eating less and knowing hos much is appropriate

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    I think you are right, Phen is supposed to HELP you in your weight loss journey, not be a magic pill. I know cause I ****ed today with m eating and I have no one to blame but ME
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    Default Not sure why but this makes me sad

    I have a friend. Her hubby works with me and my hubby. We have hung out several times durring the weekend. (our families) She is 28 and I just really like her. One day I saw her and she looked like she had lost weight. I asked her what she was doing and she told me about Phen. That's when I decided I needed to do something and ask for help myself. So as I began my journey I would ask her hubby and her what all she was doing in regards to eating and exercising. Both told me that she was walking on and off and that she was not changing her eating habits. Come to find out, she was eating junk food and expecting the Phen to be a magic pill.
    Fast forward to now. She has not lost any more weight (I think she lost 15 pounds) since she told me about the Phen. She emailed me last night telling me that she is interested in the Lap band surgery. This makes me sad. Not that she needs help, but that she is expecting the Lap band to be a miracle thing in her weight loss. It may be for some, but if you can't change your eating habits or the way you look at food and exercise then you are setting yourself up for a huge disappointment. I'm not that close to her to tell her this. But I really don't want her to fail. It just makes me sad. She is blaming several things on being overweight (some are reasonable) but she is not owning up to her part. Am I being too harsh?
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