Realistic Expectations- Women... Help needed.
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    Default NEWBIE!!!

    Hey there everyone;
    I am new to the site and just started my third week on Phen...and am already having some frusterations!!!
    My current weight is 169; with a goal weight of 130-135(pre-pregnancy weight)...I am 5'8''...I had a baby seven weeks ago...our fourth and final...haha...I was breastfeeding but she developed an adversion to my milk causing her extreme tummy issues; so my pediatrician put her on soy full time...
    Anyway...I lost ten pounds within the first two weeks but have put 2.5 pounds back on within that past few this normal?...I am having issues eating because when I look at food I have NO desire to eat AT today I went and got some Slim Fast to get some this a good idea?
    Any advice you ladies could give about Phen and making it successful would be greatly appreciated!!...and I thank you in advance!

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    2 weeks down.... almost 14 lbs!!! Lost 3.5 inches.... LOVING THIS!! You know, I use to run from diets because I'm one of those quick results people & I want to look better ASAP. But now look at me... I weigh 169 now down from 184!!! Looking to get to at LEASE 150 if not 140... we shall see.
    Good luck everyone!

    OH!!! Thinks I've learned from Phen:
    1. They say don't drink alcohol when taking Phen for a REASON-- I found out the reason last friday night... when you drink and Phen is in your system it counter-acts & you WILL BE HUNGRY!
    2. GET YOUR *** TO THE GYM--- You have to understand that your body is in actuality "starvation/ survival" mode--- IF you can eat something small every 4 hours it will keep your body from storing the food that you do eat. NOW... when you add excersize to that equation-- BADA BING! you are working like a fine oiled machine. feeling sexy, coming right up!
    3. I've found that I am beginning to get hungry, which is frustrating for me since phen is to keep you from that feeling... BUT If i have a small snack, I find I'm ok...

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    I'm pretty muscular too & one inch shorter then you are. I think the 1st month I lost 16 lbs & the others lbs were pretty slow going compared to the first month.

    As far as setting a goal weight, I agree with Sassy. For me 140-145 is way too thin, but I am also probably older then you are. My latest pic is in my signature.

    Height 5'7
    SW - 178 (2-20-08)
    GW- 155
    Lost 16.4 lbs in 6 weeks on phen
    Lost additonal 9.6 after phen from 4-9-08 to 6-20-08
    Below goal & size 8 in most things 6-20-08




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    Well- It's official... one week & 7 pounds later... here I am!
    Today I measure & will weight myself for my log... But i'm feeling good! Although, I am pms-ing, so the water weight is working against me.

    I'm going to the gym everyday-- evn it if's only for 30 minutes. Plus weights too.
    I'm also being sure to take my vitamins: Mulit-vit (which my dr told me to take prenatal, they are much better) I take omega-3 (fish oil), CoQ10 (Co-Enzyme q10 which helps with metabolism & weight loss), Fiber, B Complex (eazes mood swings, plus B12 helps in weight loss)

    I Highly recomend these things.
    I went from 184-177 in 1 week... with water loss & being out in this NJ heat, I was down to 174... we'll see after my weight in and measure today! 140, here I come!!!

    Oh! Forgot to mention.... what's the deal with this HCG stuff-- what is it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by go4itMNmom View Post
    Hi, dalako where are you in MN ? Im in MPLS. Iam also big boned, with thunder thighs with the lightning lol. I am 5'2" 224 wanting to get down to 160 . Why did doc say shouldnt go below 160?
    If you're wondering whether you should or shouldn't go below probably won't be the same for you as dalako. She is six inches taller so there's more distribution of weight. She is kinda tall for a woman and when you're tall, you can look unhealthy at a lower weight than someone that is shorter.

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    Hi, dalako where are you in MN ? Im in MPLS. Iam also big boned, with thunder thighs with the lightning lol. I am 5'2" 224 wanting to get down to 160 . Why did doc say shouldnt go below 160?

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    Default It will come off!

    Don't worry about the number on the scale so much, its all in how your cloths fit, so find somenting that is tight on you and go by that item, as it starts to get lose you will know you are losing!! Get lots of veggies and walk, that what the Doc told me and in two weeks Im down 7lbs. I can't beleive it, the scale wouldn't move for me until I started taking Phen. I was hoping for more like 10 but 7 is still ok!! Good Luck and God Bless

    Post-Pregnancy Weight 215 on 5/5/08
    SW 189 : 7/1/08 - Started Phen
    CW 175 : 7/31/08
    CW 167 : 9/5/08
    CW 164 : 9/30/08
    CW 160 : 11/10/08
    BREAK FROM PHEN 12/1/08 - 1/4/09
    CW 160 : 1/8/09

    Mini Goal : #1 Lose 10lbs in a month of July (GOAL MET)
    Mini Goal : #2 165 by 9/19/08 (GOAL MET)
    Mini Goal : #3 160 by 11/10/08 (GOAL MET)
    Mini Goal : #4 155 by 1/30/09
    Goal 125


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    Hey it's different for everyone...
    I am 5'8", big bones with large frame & muscles.... I am currently 217 as size Large Tops (some XL depending on cut) 16/18 for bottoms....
    My doc says I shouldn't get lower than 160... but a healthy range for me would be 180-195ish... so thats my goal.
    Hope this helps.
    Height= 5'8"
    SW = 259 1/24/08
    CW 2/21/08 = 238 Lost 20 lbs
    CW 3/20/08 = 234 total 24 lbs went off phen
    CW 4/18/08 = 221 toal 33 lbs *reached mini goal
    CW 6/9/08 = TOM & Vacation.... 231 dang it- But it was fun
    CW 7/1/08 = 222
    CW 8/5/08 = 215 -Down 45lbs WOOT WOOT!!!!

    Next Mini Goal = 210

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    Thank you all SO much! You all have been so kind..

    I am diligent to excersize, and eat well... but usually after 4 weeks, and a couple compliments-- I stop all together. bad girl. I know. BUT now is a much different story... I told my friends not to say anything until I've reached my goal... ha ha. "save the compliments until I lose 35 pounds."

    My life is just beginning! Healthy Mind, Healthy Body, Healthy Soul. It's really important to me, life is way too short.
    I have started writing the 10 commandments of dieting, so to speak....

    1. NO FRIED FOODS... ever. Not for any reason.
    2. Dine moderately on Complex Carbs. (not simple carbs like white pasta, bread) Make the whole grain options. And like I said.... MODERATEALY.
    3. Eliminate sugars-- soda, diet or regular... diet soda actually assists in water retention, not to mention the aspertame will give us all cancer eventually. NO CANDY- careful with hidden sugars in syrups (coffee) and fruit.
    It's as easy as skipping watching TV & "tevo"-ing your favorite show. Reward yourself after a work out with being able to watch it with a clear conscience
    At LEAST 30 minutes, I do 40 min 5-6 days now.
    5. Watch your evening snacking--- cut yourself of 2-3 hours before you plan to rest your head.

    Well... that's what I have so far.... I look forward to seing pictures of all of you... I will post my "before"s as soon as I figure out how

    "You don't have to be thin to be gorgeous..."
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    I lost about ten pounds in the first two weeks and then the rest of the weight has been slow and steady... but it is coming off. Tha'ts the beauty of it. I think you should definitely pay attention to the inches you lose as well as the pounds. Sometimes the scale won't move a bit for me, but clothes that fit the other day no longer fit me and are way too big. It's encouragement for when the numbers aren't reading what you think they should!!! Good Luck!
    SW 185.8 9/16/06 Size 14!!!
    SW (w/Phen) 181 12/9/07
    1stAppt. 176.2 12/13/07
    CW 155.4 6/23/08 (-30.4 lbs) Size 8

    Doctor's Goal Weight for me: 150
    My personal Goal Weight: 145


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    i think that everyone is different and I would have been delighted to share some pics with you but I dont have any after just befores and I'm on my 4th week and I am still in before status! congrats on your 3 pounds I lost 9 but gained back 4 so that put me at a 5 pound weight loss in 3 weeks! I'm pretty confident someone will be able to show you some pics because I have seen some awesome ones! I am 5"7 and currently 192 pounds and when I start to lose sometimes I lose really quickly but not in this case! Goodluck on your journey and stay in touch with the board becasue it is very beneficial and comforting!

    Starting Weight: 197

    Mini Goal 10 pounds

    WEEK 1: 193 (lost 4 lbs)
    WEEK 2: 189.5
    WEEK 3: 192
    WEEK 4:
    WEEK 5:
    WEEK 6:


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    I have the same build as you- and also have the cellulite too. It's so gross, we can thank our mothers and grandmothers for that! Ugh.

    you can see my stats on the side.... my tips would be to continue to eat, just make healthy choices, drink lots of water, cut your caffeine out of your diet, increase your fiber and get to the gym. i would also start a diet log and keep track of everything- you want to create the best habits NOW because once you do go off phen, you will have the hunger pains and cravings all over again and you will need to learn to curb those with healthy choices and small portion sizes.

    i dream about my size 6 jeans...... and am hoping by end of December I will have met my goal and on my way to VEGAS to celebrate!

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    After I was on phen for a little over a week, I had weight myself and had lost 6lbs.. of course a wk later at my DR checkup I lost a total of 6.5lbs.. I started at 185. Of course I think most of it was just water weight. considering before I started I was 81%water and on my 2wks I was 79% water and only went from 39.7%fat to 39.5% so basically I didnt lose much "fat". might possibly be what you're losing right now, to have lost 3lbs in 2days.. but everyone is different.. Ive read posts on here where people have said they've lost 14lbs in 2 wks.. I believe it always depends on your weight when you start.. heavier weight will always lose faster than someone smaller than them. But its good you've lost 3lbs already.. you must be very excited =)


    Me now...

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    Lightbulb Realistic Expectations- Women... Help needed.

    Boy could I use some input. This is my 2nd day on Phen, already down 3 lbs, however- I just think it's the scale... ha ha. SW 180- GW140, 145.... Could someone please tell me what kind of weight loss I should be expecting? 5'8", athletic build (strong muscles) lots of celulite too I'm just SO excited to get skinny- I must have weighed myself over 20 times.... BUT weight can be EXTREMELY deceiving due to muscle mass...

    Any how to's? Anyone out there who has similar body type/ shape? Perhaps you could lend some advise... show me some pictures? I would GREATLY appreciate it!

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