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    WOW that sounds like a lot of phen.......does the Dr know you take that much? I take one a day around 9 am and it lasts all day. Are you saying you only ate a slim fast and half a pack of snacks for the entire day? If so that is part of the problem. If you do not eat your body will have no energy to do anything and you will feel lathargic and tired. Also drink plenty of could try protein water too b/c it's suppose to help make you feel full. I would definently talk to your Dr b/c I have heard that over time people build up a tolerance to the phen and that is typically when they up the dose or start taking 1/2 twice a day, but with as much as you are taking I don't think it would be healthy to take much more

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    Wow, just wow. I haven't heard of taking 2 1/2 a day...I would be afraid to.
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    The doc said to start out with 2 - 1/2 pills a day and work my way up from there. I started with a 1/2 in the morning and 1/2 in the early afternoon. By the 3rd or 4th day, the 1/2 in the morning was totally GONE by noon. No energy, just...blah....same thing for the afternoon. So I upped the dose myself. I havent been back to the doc since I got the pills. Im only required to weigh in once a month and MUST lose a whopping 4 lbs a month to continue on the pills. The label on the bottle says 1 to 2 pills a day. I only take the extra half on days Im extremely busy and sales are booming to give me that lil boost I need...especially if I see some OT coming that night. Ive been known to work 12 hours a day with no lunch break.

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    holey moley! you are takin alot of phen. I'm one of the people who takes 2 halves of a 37.5. Did your dr. prescribe that much? I thought I wanted more than two halves, so I tested it out, and I couldn't handle it, then I tested taking a whole pill, I couldn't handle that either.
    Your weight stats are similar to mine. I lost 14 pounds in 25 days and my dr. said it was more than she expected so there was no way she was upping my phen dosage.

    On my 2 halves a day phen schedule, I usually sleep from 1130 pm to 630 am. I haven't had any insomnia, actually I sleep better with it.
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    Default Dosage

    IVe been poking around in different threads, trying to get educated and all and Ive noticed that some are taking 1/2 a pill in the AM and 1/2 in the early PM. Does this dose work for you??

    Mine are the same as the rest, 37.5, but I take 1 pill around 8ish in the morning on my drive to work with some water and crystal light, then I down a chocolate slim fast while Im doing the morning deposit at work.

    Around 1ish I run out to the truck and grab another pill and take it before I eat any lunch. I usually eat around 3ish but have absolutely NO APPETITE!!

    Today I had a chicken sandwich and a 100 calorie snack pack with me at work. It was extremely busy for a weekday, and I had several small fires I had to put out. When I did take the time to pull out my sandwich, it just laid on my desk. I worked around it, each time saying, the next time I come by, Im grabbing a bite.

    An hour later, I tossed it in the trash, and ate 1/2 the snack pack. I had to force myself to eat that.

    I have a slight problem falling asleep, but I think some of that comes from the fact that the hubs likes the entire bed, and both the dogs sleep with us. Theres just no room for them and my fat butt.

    Ive also noticed when I take 2 pills (sometimes 2 1/2) I normally fall asleep somewhere around 230AM and the clock goes off at 730. Im wide awake long before the clock goes off, and have no prob getting up.

    If I dont take any dose during the day, I fall asleep way easy and when the clock goes off, its like I could sleep 8 more hours!! But then, sleep is my all time favorite hobby!!

    Would my dosage make me feel more energetic in the mornings after being up so late???

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