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    Hey we have the same name! LOL...I guess we are both sweet!!!
    When I seen this post i had to double take, I was like "I didn't post anything about diet pills!!"
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    The riskiest diet pills are over the counter. Phentermine has been around so long because it's one of the safest diet pills there are. I hate even calling it a diet pill, it's a prescription weight loss drug.

    There are side effects with every single thing you pop into your mouth, so be aware of these and make sure you are aware of the more serious ones, in case anything happens you are concerned about. This should be done with any drug... but most people only have one or two light side effects (mine was just dry mouth). Just be aware and take precaution as with any other prescription.

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    I mean there are health risks that could develop, that I am not going lie about. I just try to follow the doc directions and not abuse it. I had a nutrition class and my teacher talked about the danger because they increase your heart rate and this isn't good in the long run. I in no way think these pills can never cause health problems, I just pray that I never develop any problems.

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    Default Diet Pills

    I got prescribed diet pills not sure
    what their called I think their called
    My doctor prescribed them because im so overweight
    that im at obesity anyways
    im worried about taking them because
    some people have told me that
    taking diet pills can make your
    heart stop and or make
    other health problems develop.
    But my doctor wouldn't have prescribed
    diet pills for me if that was true
    What ALL do u think???
    What ALL should I do???
    And why???

    Please reply soon

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