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Thread: Diarrhea

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    YAY!! Its not just me! I have the same problem as you Miss Slimsexyapril! Sorry for all the exclamation marks but I Im excited its not just me, lol. I keep reading on here about the other problem of NOT being able to go... I gotta say, I dont know whats worse! I think at this point, I might honestly rather be backed up! Ive tried adding more fiber but to me it doesnt matter what I eat or when, Im bound to get the 'Rhea. Sorry for TMI but you asked

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    Yup, I would welcome that problem also! Although I did finally have some diarrhea today finally after taking about 4 senokot tablets and eating Fiber One Cereal at least once if not twice a day! It was good to get some relief, although I was starting to feel nauseous with it, so I have not eaten anything to night as I thought I may get sick.

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    I have to agree with the others. I would feel blessed to be having your issues. Ive been taking the pills since July 2nd, and ummm to put it nicely, Ive "felt the urge" twice...TWICE!! Im sure once it hits again, Im gonna drop 5 lbs!!!

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    i agree id welcome it to! ive had some major issues with the opposite! I have to take laxatives before I go to bed if not I wont be able to go to the bathroom!! So be happy you havent dealt with my issue lol

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    Actually, I'd welcome diarrhea...lol...not funny I know, but from my own experiences since being on phen, diarrhea would be a welcome relief most days...and many posters on this board have trouble with the opposite of your problem...Are you eating too much fiber? I don't know the answers but I do know that
    the phen affects us all differently...

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    Default Diarrhea

    Heres my problem:
    I started Phen last summer and lost a lot of weight,but the second week I was on it I developed Diarrhea for like two days. Well I went off phen for 5 months and now I'm back on it. Guess what its the second week and I have Diarrhea again. Anyone else have or has had this problem?

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