'Flip the Switch' on Metabolism
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    thanks for the book recommendation. I usually read non fiction and I have a bunch of diet/fitness books. I think the one that changed my life the most was Atkins For Life. I read the original Atkins book first. After I read what carbs do in our bodies I felt pretty much the way that you do...I'd pick something up to eat it but then remember what and how it would be processed in my body and then I wouldn't want it. I remind myself now about how diet soda is eating away at my teeth and bones and how my body doesn't know how to process all these chemicals.....still, I crave it.....so I'm in a struggle over that and alot of other things.......

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    Thanks for sharing. I am right there with you STRUGGLING!!! I am actually on Day 1 of a fast, hoping to find some spiritual enlightment. I will check out that book.
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    Lightbulb 'Flip the Switch' on Metabolism

    I love reading! I love reading fiction and non-fiction alike. Of course when reading non-fiction I take everything with a grain of salt. You know, while it sounds good and maybe true and I might test it, I realize that there are many people out there who write books that don't really know what they're talking about.

    I'm reading a book right now called, "Flip the Switch - Proven Strategies to Fuel Your Metabolism & Burn Fat 24 Hours a Day"

    Now before you get excited, it's not some miracle 'switch' or diet, it is mostly common sense. BUT- I am really enjoying the read. After reading "YOU On a Diet" and learning some about what *really* happens to food in our bodies, something really clicked. And now, reading "Flip the Switch" that click has turned into a steady beat.

    I have been struggling (and I really mean that!) physically and spiritually with compulsive overeating and so have been trying to find answers, among other places, in books! Anyway, the more I educate myself the more I actually WANT to eat things that are healthier for me. It's amazing!! I decided to have some Goobers (chocolate covered peanuts) last night because I wanted chocolate but their GI (glycemic index, or, how they affect your blood sugar levels) is pretty low. I totally ate more than I needed (but still did okay) but I was actually aware WHILE I was eating them that I didn't really want to! Usually I just cram in 4 candies (sometimes king size) during a movie and not think twice about it!

    I encourage you all to read from the most reliable sources you can about your health. Find books that are enjoyable to you! And I'm sorry this thread is so long. And I'm also sooooooo grateful for the help Phen is providing for me, being not very hungry, and having not very many cravings, so that I can use that to change my life!!

    Sorry, one more thing. After almost two weeks of eating waaaaay less and waaaay better, when I do have something with sugar or even Sun Chips, my stomach feels kind of gross and I don't want to eat them anymore! Yay!! I'm going to embrace these things and try to be healthy and happy and have energy!
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