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    I don't think I'd mix phentemine with prescription pain killers without asking a doctor or a pharmacist...Phen is an upper (speed) and pain killers are downers...Ain't that what killed Elvis???????

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    I'm sorry about your yucky day but thought this might help!

    Here are some healthy "soft foods" you can do!

    Fat free yogurt
    Cottage Cheese
    Frozen Yogurt
    Sugar free pudding or jello
    baby foods - believe it or not some of them are yummy!
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    Default oral surgery

    oh boy. I had a little weird growth on my inner lip. My doctor and dentist had no idea when it was. Went the oral surgeon today who removed it. Im glad it's gone -but here's the catch. Besides the $300 I had to pay, and whatever the lab bill is for the biopsy - I have to be on a soft diet for the next few days - so the nurse says mashed potatoes, cream soups, ice cream..um, yum - but not exactly diet friendly.
    Now Im also on an anitbiotic and pain pill...I wonder how all this will work w/ the phentermine.
    oy...its always something.
    Another fun part of my day - a mamogram! Fun fun!

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