OT~~New use for table salt...besides on your food!
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    What Great advice!! I have an outside dog and the fleas are killing him . I hope it works on grass!! I will have to have hubby give him a salt bath
    you can't use salt on grass never mind-- i really do have a way with killing all my plants
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    I had NEVER heard of that ... awesome solution!

    Glad you and your pooch will have some peace
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    that is a great idea! I am going to pass it on to my hubbys aunt...their poor dog looks like the most miseralbe little ugly dog cuz he is so allergic too..haha

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    Thumbs up OT~~New use for table salt...besides on your food!

    I love my dog, but I was about to kill him!! 1)He's allergic to grass....2)He scratches/bites/licks constantly....3)insects love him! My poor, old puppy has been scratching non-stop for the last 3 days because of fleas. He's an indoor dog and only goes out to go potty, but everytime he does, every insect within distance attacks him.

    Last night I was researching ways to kill fleas on him and the carpet, and came across a site that said to use SALT....plain old table salt. After keeping me awake all night biting and scratching, I decided to try it this morning. IT WORKS!!

    I filled the tub(ankle deep on him) with luke-warm water and dumped in salt and baby wash then just kept pouring it over him with a cup. The fleas started coming out of hiding and were dying on the spot. It's just like pouring salt on a slug...it dries up the blood in the fleas and they die.

    As for the carpet: I just took the salt shaker and sprinkled it where he had been laying, let it set for a few hours then vacuumed it up. You can also mix it with baking soda. NOT recommended though if you live in a humid climate, because the salt acts like a sponge and will pull the moisture out of the air leaving your carpet damp. I plan on doing the living room carpet tonight before I go to bed then vacuum it up in the morning.

    It might not kill all of them, but it sure helped because he is sleeping peacefully for the first time in 2 weeks.

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