What was your breaking point
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    This is long, but it's not something I've really shared with anyone and it was a pretty profound moment for me.

    When I was at my heaviest at 282 (11/02). I remember being in the shower thinking about my parents, not something I do too often. But I'd had a missed period the week before and had sort of panicked thinking I might be pregnant. Honestly, it shouldn't have been a panic though, I'd graduated college, had a good job, was married to a loving man with a good job and owned my own home. However, I was only 25, and didn't feel ready yet, and also realized I was totally out of shape for a pregnancy. And it got me thinking about how sad it was that I'd never really dieted in my life, but the thought of forcing a child to live inside my unhealthy body was enough to make me consider getting into shape.

    Which got me to thinking about my parents at my age. When they were 25 they were married 5 years, with 2 girls under 5 and a third on the way. Both my mom and dad are alcoholics. My mom had almost died that year ('02)from her alcoholism. However, they divorced when I was 9 and us kids lived with my mom and then my mom tail spun for several years until family members had no choice but to take my sisters and I out of the house. It was only supposed to be temporary until my mom got her life back together. She never did though.

    I remember being both really angry and really sad that the two of them couldn't put their love for each other or the love they had for us kids above their addiction. Thinking about us being the same age got me thinking about how if my husband had an addiction, there's no way I wouldn't fight like hell to get him help and do everything in my power to get him better, and it was sad to me that neither of them were strong enough to do that for each other.

    Anyway, as I stepped out of the shower, I caught sight of myself in the mirror. All 282 pounds of me. And it hit me like a ton of bricks that I was the world's biggest hipocrite for being mad at my parents for not having the strength. in the 3 years since I'd been engaged my weight had gone from 225 to 282 and my husbands had gone from like 250 to 340. And I realized I was re-living my parents issues but with food instead of alcohol, and that I would be no healthier for my future children, than my parents are if I kept on with this weight.

    At that exact moment I said I owe this to myself, not to some future child. I owe this to myself and to my husband and to my happiness to stop us from going down this path of self destruction. I proceded to lose the 110 pounds in 10 months, because I made a promise to myself if I was going to lose the weight I wasn't stopping until I was healthy. I didn't stop until I had to have my gall bladder removed.

    I've maintained a very active lifestyle since then. Sadly the weight started creeping back on but there was no way I was going to let myself get to that size again, so here I am.
    41 down 36 to go!

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    7/10/08 - 200 -9.5
    8/07/08 -192 -8
    9/18/08 - 185.5 -6.5
    12/8/08-191 +5.5

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    I have a few also.
    1. When my mom started getting worried about my weight. Her, my sister and I are all over weight. My sister and I started at about the same weight. ( we both had babies about 6 months apart) My mom was so worried about me because we gain all our weight in the middle and as far as health risks that is the worse. We have family history of High BP, heart problems etc......
    2. I have carpal tunnel and if you have ever had it it is horrible. couldn't sleep at night, didn't get to finish my nephew's baby blanket cause I couldn't crochet. So I started working on losing
    I went on Phen because my SIL went to a clinic and there was no way I was going to let her get skinny while I stayed fat: I couldn't get my doc to give me anything.
    Anyway I knew it was bad when I told my mom about Phen and she was happy!! This is the women that HATES to take meds and thinks we all take way to many of them!!! She must have been more worried than I thought that keeps me going I hate that I had her that scared.
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    6/20 173.9 week 4
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    A few.....
    One was a pic of me with a friend at Christmas. I was sitting and it was AWFUL.
    Second was having to use a Belt Extender on an airplane
    Last straw was my BP, Cholesterol and Triglycerides being so high.

    Things are getting much better though!
    Amanda in AL
    Classified Binge Eater
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    04/08- 264 diet and excercise - Binge Eater- off wagon after this!
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    6/10/08-261 WOW! 10 lbs in one week!
    6/17/08-263 BLOATED! Blah!
    07/07/08 Overdid it this weekend! 259 Crap!
    08/01/08 257.5 WTF?
    08/05/08 TOM came and gone...Drumroll.... 249.5 YES!

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    When I realized that I "spilled over" into the seat beside me on the train.
    HEIGHT 5' 10"

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    I had 2...in the same week. First, my 9 year old told me that I shouldn't wear a certain shirt anymore because you could "see my back rolls". And the same week my 7 year old kept "flicking" the back of my arm. When I finally had enough and asked him to stop, he giggled and said "but I like the way it jiggles".
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    My breaking point is when I grew to big for all my clothes, even my fat clothes. Now I alternate my days at work with my pair of green pants and brown pants and a couple of different shirts. Talk about looking frumpy, but I refuse to buy anymore clothes until this weight is off. The weight is more embarrassing than the two pairs of pants I have to wear. I know its tacky.

    I won't even cut my hair because my face is too fat! So I keep it back every day with the same clip and my coworker told me my hair will be down to my hips before I get to cut it off. How is that for encouragement? Lets hope I lose before my hair grows that long.....not pretty on a 50 year old woman.

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    Mine is every time I see myself in a photo!
    You must be the change you want to see in the world. - Gandhi

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    My first one was when I became pregnant with my youngest daughter. I had this 70+ year old OBGYN who thought it was a good idea to tell me EVERY visit how fat I was and I shouldn't let myself gain any weight during my pregnancy. I left every appointment feeling like the biggest pile of s h i t in the world. Gotta love military hospitals.

    The last one was pretty much when I went to the doctor to discuss my weight and she told me that I would never be able to lose weight without medical help. She wanted me to GAIN weight so I would qualify for lap band. Screw her, I say.
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    8/29 200.2
    9/5 198.4
    9/12 195.3
    10/3 195 (stuck-phen break for me!)
    10/10 194
    10/31 191.4
    11/14 192 (still no phen)
    12/19 190

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    Second mini-goal 180

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    My final straw was when my daughter asked me when I was going to have the "other" baby..... I had my son a year before.... That was rock bottom.
    Get thin and God Bless! Gina

    I swear I'm trapped in that body somewhere!

    07/01 - 225 (first day on phen)
    07/05 - 219 (yeah!)
    07/14 - 215.5 (so close to 10 I can taste it!!)

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    When my husband and I took the kids to Disneyland I wore a grey sweat suit with a black tank top. When the huge Little Mermaid float came by with Ursula the overweight Sea Witch as lead with her grey skin and black dress, we looked like twins.

    And when my thighs started to rub together.
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    LW 164 (9/5/08)

    LW 163 (9/18/08)

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    Mine was my man asking me to wear a 2 piece bathing suit! He loves the way I look but I cannot imagine being seen with my belly hanging out! Also, I had major surgery when I was 20 and have scars on my tummy from it. We said he loves them because the surgery saved my life! Awwww, at least I have such a great man!

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    I've had so many breaking points over the years...I think my latest one was when I was trying to pack for florida last year and nothing fit......I wound up wearing ugly clothes that I didn't like the whole time I was there. I felt frumpy and it ruined my whole trip.

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    My breaking point was my sleeeping i cant sleep anymore bcause i have gained so much on my frame that i cant breath at night and it wakes me up i cant lay on my side because my rolls of fat make it uncomfortable so i would have to sleep on my back. Also I saved all my money to take this once in a lifetime trip to St John and I cant even look at the pictures because I am so heavy and look so bad.

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    Talking What was your breaking point

    What was your breaking point,as in the final straw?
    Mine was when I was when my ankles were so swollen it hurt to walk.My bones in my legs felt like they were going to pop out,I also was having chest pains,and severe gas,bloating and acid ingestion.The final straw was when I looked at myself in the mirror and cried for an hour. I was a size 6 and now I was a size 16.

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