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    We wanted to go last year when we went to Tennessee, but it was too far and not enough time. We all love Dolly in this house. DH is totally fascinated by her boobs, so that counts.

    I guess as long as you don't buy a funnel cake every time you go, then you're all good!
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    We've done the Dollywood thing for the last two summers. We LOVE the waterpark. We always buy the 3 days passes. We discovered a cool "trick". We would go to the water park early everyday and enjoy it until about 4:00. Every afternoon around 4 a thunderstorm would come blowing in over the mountains, and the tourists would start running out of the park in droves! That's when we'd leave the water park and head for Dollywood. As we were going in (alone in the rain) the crowds would be running out. They had already been there all day sweating it out and standing in long lines and were ready to head for the hills with the first clap of thunder. Well, those of use from around here know that those mountain storms blow out just as fast as they blow in. By the time we would get inside the park it would be clearing up and we could walk up and get right on anything we wanted to. No crowds. No lines. No waiting. Then we would stay in the park until it closed. By the time we did that every afternoon for 3 days we had ridden everything multiple times. Anyway...neat trick to know.
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    HEE HEE. I spent my first honeymoon in Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg area too. I love it down there though. I'm in redneck country too debethied!!! I'm about 2 hours from Bristol, how about you?

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    Never been to dollywood...although I love Gatlinburg. Don't spend much time in Pigeon Forge. I think anything like that where there is a lot of walking and it still fun is wonderful. I got a season pass to white water in Atlanta...cuz I figure between the walking and the pools I'd get exercise. Haven't gotten the nerve to go on the waterslides this year...but still think I'm getting exercise in. glad you had fun.

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    I haven't been to Dollywood in years. The last time I went (16 years ago probably) it was dirty and stupid. I have heard it has improved. I can't even imagine honeymooning in Pigeon Forge. That has got to be one of the dirtiest places I have ever visited. My husband and I honeymooned in Townsend which is about 30 minutes from there. We had a quiet cabin in the middle of the woods right on the edge of the Nat'l Park. I can't even imagine being in Pigeon Forge!

    Raquel, YAY FOR YOU! I am glad you could ride all of the rides and that you enjoyed your day!
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    dollywood! pigeon forge is the honeymoon spot for all the rednecks here! no joke............

    last time i went was 1.5 years ago just for a break from the kids for a NIGHT! pigeon forge, not dollywood....

    oh! are your boys signed up for dolly parton's imagination library? if not, sign them up! the only requirement is that you live in tennessee. they will both get a book in the mail every month. my kids love it!

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    Default Dollywood

    I took the boys to Dollywood yesterday - Kidsfest thing going on.

    My girlfriend took the day off to join us and we met up with another family.

    1st time we went was 10 years ago when we moved to TN and we could not get out of their fast enough, just not for us. However, fast forward a decade, I had a lot of fun .. I'm sure it was because I experienced it through the eyes of my boys.

    I'm happy to report I could ride with them on anything they rode.
    I'm happy to report I didn't get out of breath and could walk the little inclines with out breathing heavy.
    I'm happy to report to I didn't eat *too bad.

    I think the park is 140acres, so ...
    I'm happy to report I can somewhat say that I got a little bit of exercising in.

    What I'm not happy to report is that I wore a pair of light weight Khaki Capri's .. and a t-shirt.
    NOTE : Capri's are see-through when SOAKED by water rides ... do NOT wear a black thong under them or else you will spend hours with the kids (not to mention a couple of adults) saying "I see London, I see France ... I see Roc's Underpants. "

    Anyway - I bought a season pass ... it's worth taking the kids back to!
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