Kids say the cutest things
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    I was getting dressed for work one morning and my 4yr daughter was sitting on my bed watching me force mysef into a pair of too small jeans. She goes "Yay! They fit." Then I turned my back towards her and she goes, "Uh nope. Your buns are still out."
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    aww, that is so sweet!

    a couple of weeks ago i took my daughter to the doctor. she was getting ready to have her finger *****ed, and she was throwing a FIT! she yelled, "i'm not gonna be your mommy anymore!!" was so sad and cute.

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    Default Kids say the cutest things

    There is this cemetery not to far from the hospital that a friend works, so one day my friend and her granddaughter were driving by this cemetery and the little girl says "ohhh look at all the pretty flowers" The cemetary does not have have any headstones just flowers on the grave site. So my friend explains to her granddaughter that it's called is a cemetary which is where people go when they pass on and go to heaven. So her daughter looks up at her wide eyed and amazed and says "But, Nana I don't want you to turn into flowers"

    Isn't that the cutest thing?

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