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    You all have given me some things to put into consideration. Dbethied u r so right about the no schedule thing. That totally throws me off on the weekend. I drink all the water during the week sitting at my desk, but when Im at home on the Weekends, I know I dont drink enuf. I will giv myself one cheatday cuz as wildcat said its hard to get back on program after having those cheat days, and I take off usually the whole weekend. If I just do one day I would do so much better. Thx for the responses.

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    weekends are horrible for me! every weekend my weight goes up. all week i'm on a tight schedule with work and kids. so, i eat something healthy before i go to work...drink water at work all day...the, it's almost 7 when i get home so i don't eat much. but on the weekend i'm at home a lot and all i do is eat! my weight has already gone down today just from being at work and not eating all day like i do on sunday. i try to be good on the weekend, but it's so hard without a schedule.

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    I try to look at my weekends this way. If I know I'm going to play hard... I darn well better work hard. So, I try to get up at a reasonable hour and do some killer workout saturday and sunday morning. That way if I drink more than I should or eat more than I should I started the day off with amping my metabolism and feel way less guilty about it.
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    Weekends are my biggest problem. Even if we have nothing going on (parties, etc) I still cheat. I decided to make Saturday my cheat day, but it's so hard to be back on a program come Sunday! I didn't do too bad this Saturday, yet the scale went up 2lbs! It's gone today, thankfully, but it's very discouraging to see. I shoudn't even look, I know. You are not alone, weekends are horrible for me!

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    iluvya1 ..Thx for making my weekend not look soo bad as I thought. Jalen&kadensmom...ur a mess! You have wayyy too much going on in your house lol. But in a good way. I guess I wouldnt have felt so bad had I a way of burning my cocktail calories this weekend. And no I worked out M-F last week so I am not talking about jogging..hint hint!

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    Hey Socialite,

    You are not alone!!! The weekends are sooooo hard for me too. I gave myself Saturday as a cheat day. It was my husband's birthday. I tried to take control of the festivity by planning a romatic picnic in the park. That way I could pack what I wanted to eat. It went well...until later that night!!!.........................this fool wanted to order a chix pizza and hot wings from Pizza Hut! Then we topped the night off with him drinking vodka & tonic and I had my two glasses of Moscato........that went well.....until later on that night..........................................my a** got frisky and wanted less food, more to drink and even more lovin'. But you know what? I chalked it up to the game. I gave myself a cheat day, indulged in some pizza & vino and a little naughty, naughty. It was all good. I burned off some calories....as I did most of the work. LOL! Did a little role playin'...sung Happy Birthday Mr. President. Marilyn Monroe style. So keep up the good work...it ain't easy, just keep pressin' forward!
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    That honestly doesn't look that bad for one whole weekend of cheating.....at least not to me.

    One day when I was expecting my TOM, here's what I had...

    Mcdonalds for breakfast - McSkillet Burrito (soooooooooooooo good)
    Chicken for lunch
    Get home, have an icee pop thingy
    Oreos....let's just say there were many.
    avacado/onion with chips.....
    another icee pop thingy
    I think I had a slice of cheese in there somewhere
    then I made biscuits for work and ended up eating one of those too.

    Yes, that was ONE day. Whew! Hopefully that won't happen again!

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    Unhappy Weekend Girl!!

    I need some info. Is it just me or do some of you seem to fall off on the weekend? I know I am allowed a cheat day.. but mined tends to run from Fri night till sunday. Not saying that everything I consume is bad, but I do have my cocktails fri,sat nite and maybe coupl on sun. Im back on track today.. but I am not weighing myself till next week (also TOM is here this week).

    I am going to give u all a lil info on my weekend consumption.

    Fri evening
    2 tacos from auth Mexican restaurant
    Guac and chips
    couple glasses of vodka w/diet soda

    drank sum of the ff smoothie got from sonics (had to drive 45min out of town
    noon- turkey bacon and cap n crunch
    dinner- bacon burger and salad w/blue cheese dressing (didnt eat it all)
    sangria margarita and later that nite vodka and diet soda

    turkey bacon (2) and piece of turkey polish sausage
    srambled eggs
    2 croissants w/butter and jelly
    dinner-kfc (sauceless hotwings and piece of original leg)
    corn caserole and grean beans
    Went to mexican rest. had two top shelf margaritas

    C how horrible I was. It looked even worse when I wrote it down. Ohhh I get on my own nerves!!!!

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