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    I would like to know more about how you felt when you went off Phen... Though you were taking the Top Form product, were you extremely tired and lethargic as I've heard many people experience? Did the Top Form product help with tiredness?

    I'm very hopeful and excited to lose with Phen, but I am afraid of how I will feel when I am off of it. I've also noticed that it keeps me feeling a bit happier than before I started it. I'm not sure if it's the Phen or my new and excited outlook on the road ahead...

    I'd love to hear more!
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    I hope it goes okay. Yes, phen is just an appetite suppressant. Going off of it was very hard, I suggest going off of it slowly. It did help me to jump start my weight loss after my 2nd child. Now, after my 3rd child, I'm seeking a doc that will perscribe it for me..... I took off a lot of weight before and I can't wait to start it again.

    Also, there is a product out there that I used after going off of phen for awhile before I got preggo with was made by "Top Form". I"m not here to indorse any products, but it did a pretty darn good job of keeping the hunger pains at I could make good choices. Healthy weight was the name..... I think.....or something like that. No perscription needed. Might be something to consider after you done using phen. Just a suggestion.

    Good luck.

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    well, good luck tomorrow! i'm sure everything will be fine. i went to the doctor with hopes of getting phen, but was turned down because of another perscription i take. so, i know how you feel. i first heard about phen through a friend who lost 20 lbs. in a month (i told her i didn't believe her!) and she sent me to the clinic where she goes. anyway, it is NOT the end of the world IF you do get turned down. i was frustrated when they told me no because, like you, i have tried everything and nothing has worked. but the doctor suggested that i try taking injections that they offered called lipotropics which is the b12 shots + some other vitamins. i decided to give it a shot cus i didn't want to leave empty handed. plus, i had nothing to lose but a bunch of fat! that was three months ago, and i've lost over 30 pounds! the dr. reassured me that phen is simply an appetite supressant, and if i could control my own appetite that the injections WOULD work....and they have. so, worst case scenario...if you go tmw. and get turned down because of your meds. you can try something else. stay positive!

    4-2-08 202.2 lbs SW (began b12/lipo shot 1 a week - no phen)
    4-9-08 193.6 lbs
    4-16-08 190.8 lbs
    4-23-08 188.0 lbs
    4-30-08 185.6 lbs
    5-7-08 185.6 lbs
    5-14-08 181.2 lbs
    5-21-08 178.8 lbs
    5-28-08 177.6 lbs
    6-04-08 176.8 lbs (stopped the shots. trying it on my own)
    6-16-08 175.6 lbs (went back to the shots today!)
    7-9-08 170.6 lbs (slowing down, but still going down!)

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    Smile Newbie Question

    Hi all! My name is Katy, 27 years and I am 200lbs.
    I have always been 145lb for my adult life until I had my daugheter 2 1/2 years ago. I have tried everything and my weight only waivers around 5lbs =+/-. I hate that I am stuck at this weight and my marrige is hurting since I don't like myself so I don't like my husband touching me.
    I am going to the doctor Tomorrow to request Adipex to help with my weight loss. My friend has lost 50lbs fairly quickly and now my sister in law has a prescription. I feel desparate and I don't want the doctor to say there any reason why the doc might say no??? I am taking Seriquel for the manic side of bi-polar disorder but I have not read anywhere that the two should not be mixed. I am ready to get back to my start weight and I have read some great sucess stories.....I hope he says yes.........Well, I will know tomorrow and if he says yes then I'll be back to share more of my story. I hope I get to know all of you! (I pray he says yes!)

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