Am I hallucinating?
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    What shall I do? I am just desperate. Here in Canada our pills do not work!! I have a friend taking pills from her doc office, she gained few more pounds!

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    Yeah that happed to me once, I got Phentremine
    I took it but I was incredibly jittery and felt horrible so I stopped taking them.
    Damn internet scams!

    Anyway it's good that your seeing weight loss so soon, just be careful with that internet crap. More often than not, those companies are not regulated and neither are the ingredients in the diet pills.

    Good luck!!

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    Default Am I hallucinating?

    As I told you guys that I ordered phentermine from ( I got phenremine instead,
    but I risked to use it anyway.
    I took my first pill yesterday morning and another one around 3 o’clock. And wow. NO side effect as I was preparing myself, a little salad made me full, I didn’t even thought of my first enemy Kit Kat although they were there on my coffee table all day. The best part is: I lost 4 pounds!
    Could that be true?????
    I am 5’ 2’’ and just before the pills I weighed 155 pounds.
    My mini, maxi, dream goal would be 130
    Keep your fingers crossed :heart:

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