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    During my youth and into early adulthood I, too, was an athlete. After having kids I could not find a gym close enough to my home that had childcare so I opted to not go to any gym. Thus the shape I am in today.

    Anyhow, pretty recently, I tried the Curves down the street from my house. I went there twice and decided its not for me. First, as the lady was instructing me on how to use the machines all I could think was this is not proper. The lady said that you want to do each rep as fast as possible to make the machines "hiss". Once you see the machines you will know what I'm talking about. But when I did the reps the way she instructed me I could totally tell that I was not properly engaging the specific muscle I was supposed to be working because the machine was doing too much of the work for me. Second, I found the circuit not to be cardio intensive enough for me.

    While I am sure that Curves does work for some women out there, I know that it is not sufficiant enough for my needs. I have since started using The Firm. If you are unfamiliar with The Firm and their line of workout products I would recommend looking them up. At Target you can get The Firm's TransFIRMer on clearange for about $40. It also comes with 3 workout dvds. The Firm is more up my ally. Meaning it uses freeweights (which is optimal over a machine any day) and I work up a sweat, even with the 30 minute workout. It really targets, tones, and burns fat. I can feel my muscles working and getting stronger. Please be aware that The Firm's newest product is The TransFIRMation and I have read many mixed reviews of this product. People tend to love the older versions of The Firm and their products.

    Hope this helps.

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    I love the concept of curves but the big thing that I hate about curves is the hours they are open. Atleast the ones around here. they will open at like 7:30 am 3 days a week and at like 9 the other days. Then they all close for lunch. Then they close at like 4:30 on two days and 6 on the other days. I think its meant for women who don't work during the day. And very limited weekend hours if any.
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    I joined Curves back in Sept. 2007. I really like it.

    It has worked for me. It could get boring I guess but I haven't gotten there yet.

    My Curves has the new Curves Smart Stations. The computer records all of your workout and then gives you the results every time you workout.

    I like it because it's all about women. No pressure, just be yourself and a very comfortable atmosphere.

    Good Luck to you.


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    I had a Curves membership a few years ago. It was a good workout for someone like me who was so out of shape and hates exercise and it is simple, but it does get kind of boring! I think there are like 10 different exercise stations and basically they are all resisitance type equipment and you work different body parts on each one for 30 sec and then keep rotating around until you have worked out for thirty minutes. So, it's easy to get he workout in, but like I said, can get kind of boring....

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    Default Curves

    Ok so I want to hear ya'll opinion on Curves and maybe you can help me decide if it is right for me or not. I have been a member at a private gym now since i was like 15 because it is the only gym around here that has an outdoor pool. Since I started working though (at a pool) I use the one at work to do laps and never the one at the gym. At one point in time after swim practice I would go to the gym for 2-3 hours a day, I ran on the treadmill about 30 miles a week, I did spinnning, I weight trained 3x a week, i had a personal trainer, I was just all over it. I would consider myself an athlete and a gym rat at that stage in my life (which was about 2 years ago). But now that i've gained weight and I am soooooo out of shape, I am really intimidated and embarassed to go back to the gym. I am afraid i'll see my trainer and he'll be like "OMG Jessica, what happened to you?!!?" (haha ok, he would never say that but he might think it). Ok so to make this short, I love working out, it doesnt take too long for me to get back in shape, but I don't have a lot of time anymore, and I am intimidated by the real gym. I am thinking about joining Curves (which will also save me a bunch of money) but I am not really sure what there is to do there, if it will be too easy for me (I am just speculating here, so correct me if i am wrong) or if it is really the right fit for me. Let me know what you think. Thanks
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