Anyone switch from Phen-D to Phen?
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    I switched and like phentermine better. My phenD was 30 mg which only lasts four hours so I was supposed to take two a day..I always forgot to take the second one, or my stomach wasn't empty and if i took it too late i was awake. Taking phentermine is easier..also I feel less "jittery" on phen..on Phen-D I was a MESS! Really jumpy and forgetful. I think phenD gave me more energy though, I used to kick butt at the gym and sweat more....

    I['m not telling you to switch, some people do just fine on phen-D..and the body becomes resistant to phentermine too after a while....but I am happier now that I switched.

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    Default Anyone switch from Phen-D to Phen?

    Anyone have experience using Phen-D then switching to Phen?

    At my last weigh in the medical asst. that saw me said to let them know when the Phen-D was not as effective anymore and they will up my dosage. Last week I felt as though I was becoming a bit resistant to my current dosage and was using this week to evaluate the effects the dosage was having on my eating habits. On Monday I will be requesting that my dosage be upped. I was also considering asking for Phentermine instead of Phen-D because people seem to have much better progress with Phen.

    Has anyone here switched from Phen-D to Phen? I was wondering if you have better progress with Phen as opposed to Phen-D. I would appreciate your help.

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