dentist + phen???
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    The reason behind a dentsit asking about phe-fen combo is because of the heart risks...

    That being from first hand experience, with a heart related problem. Most dentist want you to medicate with antibiotics before working on your teeth, related to the bacteria you have in your mouth and the risk of heart problems due to bacteria.

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    I just recently went to the dentist for an exam, xray, cleaning and zoom laser teeth whitening. I indicated on my form that I was on Phentermine. I also told him I had dry mouth due to the medication. He didn't seem to voice any concern. Maybe because I didn't have anything major done (??). Always better to be honest and document it in case something might happen!

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    I've never seen it worded quite like that but what they are looking for is if you've done any of the combo known as fen-phen. Yes, all doctors ask about it. My boss did Fen Phen and every time she puts yes on a dentist form or anything else they require her to go get an EKG before they will do any kind of oral surgery or what not on her. It's because fen-phen created heart valve problems in some people.

    The wording of that question is misleading. They are actually asking if you've been on the combo, not on one of those drugs. You can tell this by the "group of drugs collecively known as fen-phen" . If they wanted to know if you've ever taken just adipex it would say, "have you ever been on any of the following drugs"

    Hope that helps clarify
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    Default dentist + phen???

    okay, so i just made an appointment with a new dentist. they sent me some paperwork in the mail to fill out and bring with me. there are a bunch of questions about healthy history, etc......but at the very top of the health history section it says:

    "Have you ever taken any of the group of drugs collectively referred to as "fen-phen?" These include combinations of Ionimin, Adipex, Fastin (brand names of phentermine), Pondimin (fenfluramine) and Redux (dexfenfluramine).

    has anyone's dentist ever said anything about this to you? i don't have anything to worry about because i'm not on anything, and never have been. i just found it really strange that it said have you EVER taken them....any ideas about why?

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