Hey Everyone!! =)
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    Welcome!! Keep you the good work. This journey of weight loss can really make you crazy but we all have to stay focused. I know sometime I want to give up but everyone here is so encouraging.

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    Welcome and Good luck!!!!
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    hi and welcome... glad your takin tha first steps... get ya a good workout routine and dont b afraid to mix it up a a bit! do a good job w/ ur food and b sure to learn where yave been going wrong w/ it! thats tha hardest part!!!

    its gonna b awsum look forward to seeing ya do well and again welcome

    happy losing haha !
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    welcome! my advice would be establish a good eating plan . Many on the board are low carbing or doing Weight Watchers. Exercise is very important as well. I think 3 times a week is good. And drink lots & lots of water!!! I know at first its hard b/c u might be used to drinking other stuff such as coffee,soda or juice. But water is most definitely the thing that will help u stay on track. Another thing I think is important is that u should eat a couple of snacks throughout the day in order to keep ur metabolism level. Stuff like nuts, cheese, and yogurt are good snacks to have. Hope I helped some..congrats on ur weight loss so far & lots of luck to u
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    Default Hey Everyone!! =)

    Hey everyone. = ) I'm new to the Forum and Phen. I just started a little over 2weeks ago. Just now barely getting over some crazy side effects that often left me questioning weather I should quit or not.. but the Weight loss is nice and I just cant let that go yet Anyways, I was just wondering if anyone who has been oh phen for more time than me, if you can share some tips on what has helped losing more of the weight.. I fell like now after my 2wk check-in Im stalled and not sure if I'll continue to lose as much as I did at first. Although I refuse to weight myself at home because if I see that I truely havent lost anything or Im stalled, I'll get mad then probably say screw it and eat something junky :P and I DO NOT want that. So it might also just be a "feeling" I have and not really happening. Who knows. But I would love some tips =) Its very inspiring to see everyone else who has lost so much weight. Im hoping soon I can be excited when I buy new clothes =)


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