Time for a change
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    Welcome!! Good luck with everything!! It looks like you've taken a lot of steps to become a healthier person...go for you!! Keep us posted on your progress!!

    Everything happens for a reason

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    Smile Time for a change

    Hello everyone , just wanted to introduce myself after months of sitting on the side line . Im a MN mom of 3 teenagers, work in construction field. Its time to make a change after weight loss surgery in 2000, lost a total of 150 lbs. currently at 220lbs. which i have been for at least 5 years . Im ready to lose around 40lbs to start , really dont want to lose too fast or Quick. Dont want people asking questions. I have really been learning alot from everyone's post/reply thanks for help . I have an appt. at primary clinic on Monday 7/14 if that doesnt work i have appt at weight loss clinic on Thursday 7/17 one way or another i will get PHEN, hope this works for me,cant wait to start.

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