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    I take mine 2 hours after breakfast, usually around 10am. That way I take it on an empty stomach and it still lasts all day. Drinking Lots of water is key though!
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    I'm one of those third shifters. ha ha.
    I take mine before dinner at night when I'm getting ready for work . I usually come in around 9pm so I take it at like 6 and wait a half an hour before I eat.

    My script calls to take it in the morning though, a half hour after breakfast. I tried that in the beginning, but it just doesn't have the same effect on me if I've already got something in my stomach. I think they say it like that in the beginning cause they are scared that if you dont eat something first, you might not eat at all. (and they are right!!)

    I also only took a half a pill (half of 37.5) for the first few months, and only went up to a whole one after my appetite started coming back. I couldn't take a whole one when I started or I'd smoke a dozen cigs and scrub the floors. The energy is overwhelming. My husband can always tell when I've taken my pill, he says I like to talk. ha ha
    Good luck! I think it's all about trial and error. Find out what's best for you.
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    I think everyone takes it different......but definitely NOT at night. Unless you work 3rd shift or don't plan on sleeping at night.

    I take half at 7 am and the other half after 2 pm. Before I eat breakfast and before I eat dinner.
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    Question Best time?


    I'm new here, and I start taking Pentermine tomorrow! I was wondering if there is a time I should take it? Is it better to take it at night rather than the morning?

    Just wondering if any of you had an opinion on the matter.

    Thanks so much~~

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