And the results are in...
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    Horray!! I am so glad you are doing such good things for yourself. Gives me hope and motivates me to keep up with mine.
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    That's fantastic! Congratulations! Curves is a great introduction into working out! As Scat said though, eventually you might get bored with it. But as long as it's still a challenge and you like it, enjoy it!
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    7/10/08 - 200 -9.5
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    12/8/08-191 +5.5

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    YAY! I love it when the rewards of exercise and eating well pays off!! It takes a while to see it at first but when it starts happening it is so exciting.....I t hink curves is a great program..eventually it is going to become too easy for you, just so you know...LOL...but it is great that you are so devoted to your fitness program...

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    That is awesome! You really did great. I love Curves. They closed by me, but I think they are an awesome work out program. I used to go with my girlfriends, but not enough people were going... so they closed.


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    That is GREAT!

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    Congrats on your loss!!!!!!!!!!!!! No! I do not go to curves now, but I have in the past. I got bored with it!
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    THAT IS GREAT! I used to go to curves when I was in college, I loved it!!! But now it would be an hour drive for me.
    7lbs to goal
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    Talking And the results are in...

    I have been going to Curves to work out three days a week for the past month (which equals only 12 workouts so far). Today was my first weigh-in and measurement since the start and I am pleased to announce my results...drumroll please.....

    I'm down seven pounds which equals 15.5 total from my highest weight.

    In inches-

    Bust: -1.00 in (boo! always the first to go)

    Waist: -1.50 in

    Abdomen: -2.00 in

    Thighs: -2.00 in

    Arms: -1.00 in

    I have also lowered my BMI, Body fat %, and resting heart rate.

    I love Curves! Does anyone else go?

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    unless there are three other people." ~ H.G. Welles

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