HELP...I'm starving!!
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    1200 calories a day is no the magic number for everyone. Every body is different. If you're working out that much you need extra especially to give you any energy. So I say up your cals a lil by lil..and see what happens.

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    i agree with everyone!! i think that 1200-1500 sounds like too little for u since u exercise so much. Like scat & thin4good said mentioned, protein will help u feel full longer . good luck
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    My doc purposely lowered my carbs to stop the hunger and it's worked. There are definitely better foods than others for feeling full. The less empty carbs the better. Some foods that are good at making me feel full longer are:
    Dry Roasted Edamame
    Kashi Go Lean
    Spinach (either salad or sauteed)

    Hopefully that helps!
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    Yup, Im starving unless i get some protein, it can be a handful of nuts......just something like that makes a big difference. exercise does make me hungrier, when i get home from the gym i could eat a side of's ugly......your body has to get used to less calories...

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    I was going to suggest the same as SHess, make sure your getting plenty of PROTEIN!!! That will help you stay full longer and help you retain muscle
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    First make sure you are getting plenty of water. Because dehydration will make you feel as though you are hungry. Second, eat carbs right after your workout. That will help replenish your muscles and should take some edge off the hunger. Also make sure you are getting enough protein in your deit. Protein is vital to lossing weight and feeling full for longer periods of time. If you are already doing these things I would then up my calories with nutrient dense foods and add some more starchy carbs into my diet.

    If you are not eating enough calories then your body will stop shedding weight. It's all a balancing act. We're always trying to find and maintain that balance. Good luck.

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    One thing I do know is that when I work out it makes me hungrier. I think this is why my doc told me to just do about 30 minutes a few days a week. You cant workout a lot and consume that few calories u will be starving. H*$L I get hungry on 35-40 min workouts. I also notice on my week b4 TOM it seems like I cant get full. I ate 3 bowls (not all filled to the rim) of cap n crunch last nite just to get right. I take phenD and I took my last pill around 3ish so I wouldnt be up late, may have to take a little bit later.

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    Question HELP...I'm starving!!

    I have no idea how you all do it. Whenever I eat around 1200-1500 calories I am starving! Before phen I would actually get physical symptoms, like dizziness and nausea, but now I just get really hungry and can't seemed to get satisfied. Then after a few days on low cal diet (this time I made it 3) I eat a lot more than 1500 calories because I feel like I am starving and I can't help it. Weird.

    The only thing I can think is that maybe I have to bump up my calories because I workout so much (45-90 minutes a day). Everyone says I need to keep it around 1200 calories to lose weight, but could that be too low for me? Could that actually be stalling my weight loss? (I've been stuck for about 4-6 weeks now) Any one else experience this? How do you cope? HELP!!!

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